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The shyguys have been beaten, bombarded, bashed, and banged by people for years! NO MORE! I speak to all ye shyguys out there! WE MUST STAND UP AND FIGHT! WE MUST ALLY WITH THE YOSHIS! see my userpage and the 'shroom for more. --File:Apprentice.gifMURZON THE SHYGUY SHADOW!!!File:Apprentice.gif

go here so you can put your Fan Fiction up in an actual article. Max2 (talk)

thanx max- i'll put it there AND on me page! --File:Apprentice.gifMURZON THE SHYGUY SHADOW!!!File:Apprentice.gif

THE SHY-GUY SHALL RULE THIS WORLD (With the Kremling)! I can assure you that the Bacterions Empire fully support you and your cause. Gofer

Just to say, when you leave a message on a talk page, type it at the bottom instead of the top.If your syndicate ever need help, just call us, we, Bacterion, have very convincing argument. Gofer

Re: Murzon would like to talk...

Sure, you can be in, although there's a bit of a catch: the story, for the most part, takes place in the future, so, technically, it won't be you, but rather your great, great, great, great grandchild. (Cool concept, eh?) Anyway, I think I can squeeze you in (wanna be part of a mercenary group with Eggbert?), but could you help me think of a name for your ancestor? (You know, some kinda more futuristic version of "Murzon".) That'll be the character that appears. (Sorry, but no actual Mariowikipedians appear after chapter one. (Except Max2; he's "immortal". ;))) YELLOWYOSHI398

Weeeel... What if I had manifested my spirit in a Shyguy mask and my descendant Murzorr the Shyguy wears that mask?? And yes, I'd love to be in a mercenary group. --File:Apprentice.gifMURZON THE SHYGUY SHADOW!!!File:Apprentice.gif

Okay, that's a pretty cool idea. I could put that in... But my story's going a little slow right now, and it might be awhile before the mercenary group comes in... You'll be in it, though! YELLOWYOSHI398


Do you want a sig, i can make you one! Just answer these questions:

Text Color:
Where it links: (your userpage, user talk page ETC.)
respond on my talk page...:

NSMBW Mario and Yoshi Jumping Artwork.pngXzelionThis is my sig....ETC

Hmmm, lets see. I've got a little sig (--File:Apprentice.gifMURZON THE SHYGUY SHADOW!!!File:Apprentice.gif) but I'd like a real one. Let's see. Text Color: Dark green

Pic: A green shyguy shooting bolts of lightning and red words next to him saying "Support The Shyguy Syndicate"

Where it links: My talk page

Talk Pages

Add coments at the BOTTOM of a disscusion page. And, finding images like you requested on this page aren't easy. besides,

  1. It would be a personal image
  2. Plumber hasn't been on.

Max2 (talk)

umm...Murzon, I'm making your sig...not plumber. And do you know where I can find that pic of the green shy guy...and the lightning? Great Gonzo


MurzonFile:Apprentice.gif Support the Shyguy Syndicate!

This is the view of your sig, hit edit...copy the format and create this page, User:Murzon/sig. Then paste the format here and then sign your comments with {{User:Murzon/sig}} . (couldn't find that pic you hopefully this pic will do)

Great Gonzo

Sorry for being late (people usually put new sections at the end of the talk page, so I didn't notice for a while) but I just used the above sig except with the pic you wanted.

MurzonFile:Murzon.png Support the Shyguy Syndicate!


Thanks for the sig.

RE: Forgot something

Okay, thanks for the heads-up. I'll get right to adding that! Also, thanks for the Shy Guy Saga appearance overall ('tis an awesome story; you explain the Shy Guy culture so well). Hey, may I join the Shy Guy Syndicate? Shy Guys rule. YELLOWYOSHI398

Yes! By all means, sure you can join the Shyguy Syndicate! I finally have a member...

--File:Apprentice.gifMURZON THE SHYGUY SHADOW!!!File:Apprentice.gif

I'm typing your appearance in the shyguy saga right now...

--File:Apprentice.gifMURZON THE SHYGUY SHADOW!!!File:Apprentice.gif

Your comment on Talk: Shy Guy

I don't want to sound mean or anything but your comment at Talk:Shy Guy is not permited.Use user talkpage for that kind of thing. Gofer

That's nothing, I'm alway here to help new users out. Gofer, who is alway here to promote the Bacterions Empire domination.

You might want to start actually contributing to the article, Shy Guy could use a good cleanup. Gofer

'Shroom Topic Accepted

As said. Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 10:37, 21 April 2007 (EDT)

RE: Shyguy Saga

Yay! Thank you so much. I just read it; I'll update my page. I'll try to get you in my story pretty soon (but I've kind of got you planned for a later chapter)... YELLOWYOSHI398

Huzzahs! Thanks again for the Shyguy Saga appearance. As for that Peachycakes, I don't know much about her; she apparently just made a few personal attack-like talk page posts, one vandalism to the Princess Peach page, caused a big commotion, and said she hated Shy Guys and Yoshis. She was blocked pretty quick... YELLOWYOSHI398

Good fic you have there, could I be in it? Gofer

Regarding that choice... That's a real toughie. Mario's the good guy, and I'm usually all for good, but I'm really liking Vorrik here... I think I might side with him (Vorrik). YELLOWYOSHI398

A big, ugly head. Gofer

Shroom Help

    1. you get your stuff ready.
    2. You wait for Wayoshi to contact you.
    3. You PM, Email, or give it to him in a way.
    4. you're all set!

Great Gonzo


Well, the original Peachycakes, who's had eighteen accounts (seventeen of which are, of course, sockpuppets), is pretty much our most infamous troll. (Probably because, before all of Willy on Wheels' recent attacks, she's had the most sockpuppet accounts.) She's best known for making articles based on fake game known as "Super Princess Daisy" (whose article has been deleted and substituted with a protected redirect to the Princess Daisy page), as well as other made-up games (including "Paper Luigi: The Chamber of Omens", which sounds AWESOME ;), and "Donkey Kong Country 4: Tiny Kong's Triple Trouble" and their nonexistent characters. Although she mostly does stupid fanon stuff like this, she also once created a "Shadow Wayoshi" account with the purpose of seeking revenge on Wayoshi (claiming to be any of several other sysops in a bit of a game), but she was later busted by some sysop who I, quite sadly, do not know. Her name, revealed by Paper Jorge, is also "Taylor"... But that's pretty much all I got on her. You can read more at MarioWiki:Trolls#Peachycakes, though... By the way, in addition to a Tonya Logan attack initially thought to be Peachycakes but later proved to be Woodylogan, I've only lived through one of Peachycakes' attacks (one where she went under the name "Candracar-Daisy"), and that was so long ago that I didn't really help due to lack of edit-reverting knowledge. Well, that's all I got; hope this was a help. YELLOWYOSHI398

There's also a possibility Peachycakes' first name could actually be Leila, as many of his/her sockpuppets have that in their name field. --KPH2293 15:40, 22 April 2007 (EDT)
Man, Peachycakes does not give up. I've been through three bombards... Eeeek. I hate long-term trolls. 3dhammer.gif 3D, go Snifits. 3dhammer.gif
I actually have the strange feeling that she's given up. Plumber, Don't ask why

Is your sister or you going to get a different computer anytime soon? We're going to have an issue of she keeps using her time attacking us. Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 16:44, 24 April 2007 (EDT)

Yeah, try to convince her to stop. Plumber, You are older

We need to meet in the chat room about this issue. Let me know when is a good time. Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 18:44, 24 April 2007 (EDT)

You were never blamed for Peachycakes 2's crimes, Murzon. You were blocked due to the fact that her IP was blocked. When I blocked that IP, I did not know the IP belonged to you, as well. --KPH2293 18:47, 24 April 2007 (EDT)

Chat Room

Washi means the forum. Max2 (talk) not your talk page.


I can't get on the forum for some reason. Can we meet at this place instead?