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TCG Table Test


Set List No. Image Name Description
#1 MKW Baby Mario Trading Card.png Baby Mario "Baby Mario may be a small, but he can make good things happen in a Kart. He's got things buckled down in the Lightweight division, and this is not his first foray 'round the track. Whether he is drifting on his custom Bullet Bike, or speeding to victory in his Blue Falcon, this little imp should not be underestimated!"


Set List No. Image Name Description Game Tip!
#40 MKW Golden Mushroom Trading Card.png Golden Mushroom "Golden Mushrooms generally show up in the Item Windows of racers near the back of the pack. It's an awesome tool for those unfortunate enough to be in that position as they can use it to catch up to those in front. Unlike other Mushrooms, however, you can tap the Item Button as many times as you'd like to maximize tour boost. Be sure to cut corners where possible with this item." "The prolonged boost of speed is great when using the power of the Golden Mushroom, but don't forget that you still have to navigate the sharp turns!"


Set List No. Image Name Description Tips from Pit Row
#41 MKW Tiny Titan Trading Card.jpg Tiny Titan "The strengths of this ride are its Off-Road and Handling characteristics. Give this mini monster machine a try on tight tracks where you'll be spending time "in the rough," or as we call it with the Tiny Titan, "the fun stuff."" "The Tiny Titan is a good choice for novice racers who may be unfamiliar with certain tracks. The big tires help you quickly get back on course."


Set List No. Image Name Description
#53 MKW Mushroom Cup Trading Card.jpg Mushroom Cup "Long-time Mario Kart fans may experience déjà vu when checking out the first two tracks of the Mushroom Cup> Luigi Circuit looks a lot like Luigi's tracks from other Mario Kart games and Moo Meadows harkens back to Moo Moo Farm. But rest assured, the layouts are new."


Set List No. Image Name Description Alert!
#61 MKW Moo Moo Meadows Trading Card.jpg Moo Moo Meadows "The peaceful grassy vistas. The meandering trails. The whimsical fence line. the...HEY! Who left the gate open? Moo Moo Meadows may not be a difficult track, but there are plenty of distractions to slow you down. Use Mini-Turbos or other speed-enhancing items to find shortcuts through the grassy areas." "BEAST ALERT! You'll find Moo Moo herds on the far side of the meadow and sure enough, they'll be in your way."