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Wow, this thing has been in the work for quite a while now.
This thing.


ExplodePNG is the successor to PNG Monster in a managed API (mostly), It was done a long time ago, but wasn't released because it was not unique enough. Now with the new options and abilities. It is most likely worth your time.

ExplodePNG features a better User Interface allowing its user to browse his computer for the files he wants. The user can also opt out of certain compression steps if they desire. The Input box supports both files and folders, The user can add multiple files/folders in bulk either by browsing for them, or separating the locations using '|' such as "E:\myimage1.png|E:\myimage2.png".

The app also supports a new kind of compression, which is to remove metadata from the files. This one is incredibly fast so no worries about slowing the compression even further.

The main feature of this app is its ability to multithread. Without going into too much details, the app can work on multiple images at once, greatly decreasing the overall time. You can set the maximum number of images that are being compressed at any given moment by changing the Threads property, It is advised to experiment with the option yourself, but you can click the 'Assume' button to run a quick test to estimate the count.

You can select input by either writing the locations manually, clicking the 'dir' button to browse for a folder containing the images, or clicking the 'files' button to select any number of files to compress.

After you start compressing, the app will notify you by flashing in the taskbar.


  • Better GUI allowing you to browse for files or folders
  • Added support for Zophlipng
  • Multithread allowing multiple images to be processed at the same time.
  • Drag and drop files onto the window
  • Drag and drop files onto the program itself
  • All bundled in one executable.

Upcoming Features

  • Backup Support.
  • .Net Framework 2 support so it can run on Windows 7 and above with no additional downloads.
  • Possibly general optimizations.


You will need .Net Framework 3.5 at the least to run this app.

Oh yeah, the download is a single file, the executable are bundled into one file. Hosted by Mediafire.

old: v2, v1


I haven't tested it that much, but if you encounter any bugs just tell me.

PS to admins: If this counts as advertising, please delete this page asap. :)