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My Talk Pages

What about this page

This page is the top of all my talk pages. this page has a variable to make it fit all the talk pages


On my archived talk page I always enter this code which imply this page(except these sections):

{{User_talk:Megadardery/Archiving System}}

But on my current talk page I enter this code which imply this page(except these sections) but also changes the background, Border and remove the archive template:

{{User_talk:Megadardery/Archiving System|no}}

There is a new feature called status, implied with:

{{User_talk:Megadardery/Archiving System|no|status=inactive/active/semi-active/special|message=message}}

Everything other than inactive and special imply greenish color, inactive implies reddish color, and special implies golden color. Message is optional for all cases except for special.