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The images below are temporarily kept on this sub-page until I move them to the correct gallery. This is prevent the image from accidentally being deleted due to being unused. Most of these are going to be placed on the Miscellaneous page and were from the Toys page.

Mario themed objects and paraphernalia.


Any proposal decided and past is archived here. Use the stable to find a previous proposal. This page is protected to maintain the links as was. Please add archived proposals in the proper section and in alphabetical order. A proposal that has passed, but has been changed by another proposal will have a strike going through "Passed". Larger number is always written first in the "Votes" section.
Proposal Creator(s) End date Result Votes
Category Split Marioguy1 (talk) 12/4/09 Passed 15-0
Different Version Characters ForeverDaisy09 (talk) 12/1/09 Passed 17-2
Merge Traps and Obstacles to super-article Redstar (talk) 12/1/09 Failed 5-1
Removal of Support/Oppose Votes Votes Marioguy1 (talk) N/A Deleted N/A