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The Royal Couple, made by me.

Eduardo Jardim, founder and editor-in-chief of the Mario-themed website Reino do Cogumelo (Portuguese for "Mushroom Kingdom"), cartoonist, flutist and an imaginaut who spends his life concocting coffee-nourished ideas and dreams. Despite proudly being a Paulista, I witnessed the extraordinary robbery of Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer Statue by the clutches of Koopa Troopas. Since then, we Brazilians are eternally grateful to the Mr. Green Mario Brother Guy who brought back the stolen cable car from the Pão de Açúcar mountain and of course, the thirteen-hundred-and-fifty-dollars-worth seashell from the Copacabana Beach. Pasta power!

About me

Reino do Cogumelo description

I, Eduardo Jardim, whom by the Light Prognosticus was given royal duties to manage and update Reino do Cogumelo's content with news and trivia about the Super Mario franchise, promise to watch over the twenty-seven alternate dimensions and fifty-four kingdoms of the Mushroom Universe letting go of any selfish ambition in favor of strengthening the website and covering everything Nintendo. Trust the fungus!


ElectricGecko's impression


Remember: It's not the volts that kill you.

This spectacular video game fiend hails from the far-off land of Brazil. (That’s right, just like Blanka.) This guy is unique: his artwork is unlike anything else, his colours are bright, and his hat is really cool. NB: he is an official Mario scholar. He knows more about Mario than any human being on Earth, and generates great Mario fan art. (my favourite is Mario and Bowser eating Sonic for Thanksgiving). He creates really neat plumber-related animation on Youtube and has his own Portuguese language blog devoted entirely to Mario. His OC (Monica) is worth a glance too. She knows how to wear REALLY tight pants. Everyone loves this guy on deviantART, and I’ll tell you why: he is, hands down, the FRIENDLIEST DEVIANT ON THE SITE. But as Levar Burton says, don’t take my word for it. Just watch him. You’ll see."

Carlos Bonamin's impression

"The concern to maintain the high quality level... thinking up of contents that will satisfy readers without frightening them. For instance, creating an environment that is always inviting you to come back for more fun and for something new, something different; a similar feeling to that of Nintendo games."

Favorite Mario Games

Languages I Speak

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • English
  • Yoshi

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