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Welcome, HyperToad/W!

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Welcome to the Super Mario Wiki!, a super-cool website dedicated to Mario series info! We are glad that you've joined! If you have any questions, just post it on the FAQ talk page, my talk page, an experienced member, or a Sysop.

To start of, we suggest our Introduction. Other pages that can help as are follows:

How do I do that?

Specific Help

  • Article – Help creating, expanding, improving an article.
  • Chat – Information on using the MarioWiki Chatroom.
  • Color codes – Help translating colors to hexadecimal.
  • Communication – How to handle and use talk pages.

Wondering What to Edit?

  • Stubs – Expand small articles.
  • Wanted Pages – See what articles that are needed, but have yet to be made.

Looking for other things to do?

  • The Chatroom – A place to talk or hang out with other users.
  • Our Forums – A place to talk about Mario and other topics.
  • Userpedia – A wiki run by some of our users where you can write "user fanon" and make sprite comics.

Hope to see you be helpful and editing. Feel free to add a section to my talk page if you have questions. See you around. Sincerly:

HyperToad@HyperToad/WHT Sig.png