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General Guy, the leader of the Shy Guys.
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I am Koen van Beeck. Dutch, 17-year old male. I go around the internet mostly as Kvb. But I've had homemade General Guy avatars for over 2 years. Because of that, random RPing would reference to me as him; General Guy, and before I knew it, General Guy was my second internet alias. Funny how that goes, I guess.

Of course, I'm a Nintendo fan. A late one, sadly, but still a big Nintendo Geek, by now. I own a Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS. I have played the older Mario games, though. My favorite series is obviously Mario. The RPGs especially. They've always got a great story and fun gameplay. Not to mention background info on characters, species, and the Mario universe in general, which geeks like myself just love. I also love the platformers, of course. Games like Wario Ware, too. Sport games, I both hate and love. Mario always knows how to make any sport fun with the addition of items, and removing of basic rules. Yet you can't deny that sticking Mario's name on everything gets old, and kind of hurts Mario's status; A platformer would've done better. And then you have the worst of Mario sub-series; Mario Party. I have already too many of those. I got 1 because it was still cool back then. 4, for being the first Gamecube version, 5 because I felt like it.. And 6 for the mic. The last one I'll get will probably be the first Mario Party on the Wii. I mean, come on, WiiMote contwol! Other Nintendo series I like are The Legend of Zelda and possibly Kirby.

Wow, I rambled there.. I think you already know enough about me, by now, if you've taken the time to read that all.

I've got MSN and AIM. AIM, I hate with a passion. I don't need more people to talk to, through that evil thing. Feel free to add me on MSN, though. As long as u dont talk lyk dis I'm usually up for a random Nintendo conversation.