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"Fawful, Dimentio, ???, Princess Shroob, and everyone else besides bowser (and Bowser Jr. ), are whom will be in the final battle....." - Me

About me

About Me

I have a wii and about 15 games for it and 13 after them are mario games . I'm also a big fawful fan and even have 2 mario hats . Plus , I have beat every game I have and got 100% on them.

my games

My game

Why does Mario always have to be the main character ? Why not bowser or luigi ? They are both playable and main characters in some games. But why not more games? Doesn't anyone get tired of Mario? I have been thinking about a new mario game. id like to have somewere to put some info about it.....

My Mario games

My mario games are: Super Mario Galaxy , Super Mario Galaxy 2,Super Paper Mario,Mario Party 8,Mario And Sonic at The Olympic Winter Games,New Super Mario Bros. Wii,and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.