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Enemy Name

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HP FP Speed Yoshi Cookie
Attack Magic Attack Location(s) Bonus Flower
Defense Magic Defense Weak Items
Evade Magic Evade Strong Psychopath
Coins Exp. points Moves

This template is for information on enemies in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. The variables are as follows:

The section label; Replace "NAME" with the enemy name.
The enemy's name.
Used for links [[altname|name]].
The enemy's role: (common, boss, support)
An image of the enemy.
Where the enemy can be found.
The enemy's HP.
The enemy's physical attack.
The enemy's magical attack.
The enemy's physical defence.
The enemy's magical defence.
The enemy's speed.
The enemy's moves.
The item(s) potentially dropped by the enemy.
The coins gained from defeating the enemy.
The enemy's FP.
The odds of the enemy evading physical attacks.
The odds of the enemy evading magical attacks.
The types of attacks the enemy is resistant to.
The types of attacks that deal extra damage.
The basic amount of EXP gained from the enemy.
What item the Bonus Flower will produce.
What item Yoshi Cookie will turn the enemy into.
The enemy's psychopath thought.

All of the stats, as well as explanations, can be found on the two tables included in the Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars bestiary article.

For Item= include the rates of item drops in brackets after the item (it will always be 5% or 25%). If there are two items, list them both; if there is a chance of getting a second copy of an item, list it the same way (e.g. "X (25%), Y (5%)" or "(X (25%), X (5%)"). If no coins or items can be dropped (and/or gained from a Bonus Flower), put "None" in the Items=, Coins= and/or Flower= inputs. It an enemy cannot be turned into an item using a Yoshi Cookie, put "N/A" in Cookie= (note that bosses can never ne turned into items).