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^<>^Status^<>^ School. Period. Still pretty active tho. Not on SmashWiki
WL sentry knight.png
WL sentry knight.png

<^>)Projects(<^> Ones bolded are in top priority, ones in small are in lower priority Clearing the Wanted Stuff.Also clearing the Unused stuff. Replacing "descriptions" in Collectible Treasure descriptions. Adding infoboxes. Helping Tyler730 (talk) by adding galleries to NSMBU levels. Adding images to Musée Champignon.
Archives (Warning: Some Cringe)

The March of the RE: Friends Requests
(June 10, 2020 - November 10, 2020)

The now

(Archive template taken from Paper Jorge (talk).)

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  8. Apologies for cringy messages when I first joined the wiki.
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