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Hi. I'm CB. This is my Page! I know that it might not be that intresting but please at least take a quick little look. I'm a big fan of Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid, and Zelda games. Thank you for your time!

Latest Updates

Hello Everybody! I haven't edited my home page for about maybe 9-10 months! However I still check Mario Wiki almost everyday...but I almost forgot about the home page part.

My Wii Games List

These are games that I have:

My ratings

This is where I rate Mario games. From the NES to the Wii and DS (I think I'll rate most of the Wii games) here is how I rate: 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 2.0, 2.1 and so on all the way up to 10.I wonder if you'll agree with my ratings or not?

Super Mario Galaxy: 9.8- Super Mario Galaxy is an extrodanay game! With the most pretty music that makes the heart and soul soft. The good graphics with the bright blue ice, the hot heated orange lava, and the shooting beatiful stars in space. With levels with almost no gravity things are much more fun. With epic bosses. Lots of super epic puzzels and mysterys, Luigi playable at the makes me just want to play the game right now! With new characters to the Mario series like Rosalina, Luma, Kamella and much more. With the airship feeling that you had when playing Super Mario Bros. 3. Man! This is a good, good game! Even though I don't own it I've still rented the game and boy, I like almost never returned it. I think it's by far the greatest Mario adventure ...I can't see how they can make a better Mario adventure than that! Not only that but now 2 players can join in with the fun! Shooting star bits going to each unique planet. Wow.......and now for the complants. Even though there is not much there still is some, like once in awhile the story can get a little confusing about whats happening. Even though I can follow the story it can get a little bit confusing about what's really happening. Anouther thing is a few of the levels can get very long and hard and boring. Even though most of the levels aren't that way still a few are and after 20 mins of trying to figure out how to get past the start of the level it can be frustating. Anouther thing is (and this is only a thing that could make the game better) is online co-op or battle. But all in all Super Mario Galaxy is a huge masterpiece of the works that will make other video game companies very jealous. If you don't like this game and you havn't tried it or givin it a chance, then your missing out on a video game that is just way to cool! Perfect? Not quite but in a way it's pretty close! No game is perfect you could always want more, a 10 game isn't even perfect. We can always wish for more to come even in the Galaxy itself!

Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 10- The third in the series...and the best! Super Smash bros. Brawl is a huge sucsees and one of Nintendo's greatest game ever! From Mario to King DeDeDe and to Ike and Ness. There is just so much to do. From a full scale adventure mode to all star mode with modes in vault. Theres no stop to all of the smashing fun! I can spend hours on Nintendo Wi-Fie vs. others. I also thin the final smashes and the assist trophy's are super amazing. Although there could be a few more characters this game can't really get much better. The staff who created this must be very proud of acheaving a game with such level. I enjoy almost every minute of brawl. Everyday I think of it at least once. It's really that good! Although not perfect...close enough!

Mario Kart Wii: 9.4- It's mario kart! Mario Kart Wii is a very good game now with the new Wii Wheel! First off the controls are great. if you haven't givin the wheel a chance at least give it a little chance. It will soon sink in. Even my little sisters know how to use it perfectly. So do give it chance. The courses are great with lots of gimmicks and great graphics. And now for the first time you get to use bikes! The Retro courses bring back some of the feelings about the old mario kart games. All in all this game is fun with wi-fi and a ton of new characters including Rosalina and NEW Baby Daisy.

Media and Fun Links

Please note that I didn't make any of the youtube videos or anything else you see here. Enjoy:

  • [1] (One of my faverite Super Mario Galaxy pieces of Music! Enjoy)
  • [2] (Wario Land Shake It! Music 1-1, a theme from SSBB Wario's Victory)
  • [3] (1st Brawl Trailer)
  • [4] (Mario's Animations! Check out the cool music)
  • [5] (Luigi's Animations! Has a cool beat)
  • [6] (Peach's Animations! Awsome! Cool Music! Please check it out!)
  • [7] (Daisy's Animations! One of the best! Cute, Cool, Sassy and awsome! Check it out)
  • [8] (Wario's Animations! Wario Time! Funny)
  • [9] (Waluigi's Animations! Bluegrass Music and a sneaky Waluigi! Oh no!)
  • [10] (DK's Animations! Donkey Kong is going bannanas in a good way!)
  • [11] (Diddy's Animations! Diddy has a very new style in this game! Very intresting music too)
  • [12] (Yoshi's Animations! Nothing is as cute as Yoshi! Entertain yourself and watch)
  • [13] (Petey's Animations! It's time to spend time with Petey)
  • [14] (Bowser's Animations! He's so evil!)
  • [15] (Jr's Animations! Watch this ferious guy. Jr is on full energy mode!)
  • [16] (The amazing ending to Super Mario Galaxy! (Spoilers)Check this out)
  • [17] (Super Mario Sunshine, Boss and ending)
  • [18] (Donkey Kong 64 introduction, one of my faverite games! If you haven't played it you should! I've beaten it! I hope they make a remake of this game for the DS)
  • [19] (Mario Kart Wii: Koopa Cape)
  • [20] (Mario Super Sluggers! Wario City!)
  • [21] (Mario and Peach and Luigi and Daisy... a romantic race (Mario Kart Double Dash)
  • [22] (Bowser's final battle themes. Freaky! huh?)
  • [23] (Wario land Shake it cutscenes! Must watch!)