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Prince Bowser Junior has retired from the Mario Wikipedia, but you will still be able to browse this page. "I hope the Mario Wiki continues to be a wonderful place." -Prince Bowser Junior

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Hiya! I'm Prince Bowser Junior. Nice to meet you.

I'm sorry everyone but, I am now "retired" from the Mario Wiki. I will still be on sometimes to check on the Mario Wiki and revisit the memories.



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Prince Bowser Junior's Userbox Tower

Hiya! This is my userbox tower. I'd appreciate it if you gave me your userbox so I could enlarge my userbox tower. Thanks! Also, if you'd like to have my userbox, visit my user talk page and ask.

Prince Bowser Junior's Userbox Tower
Sprite of Baby Bowser walking.
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Red Power Star
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A green-colored Red Ninjakoopa, specially colored to be like a zombie.
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Super Mario Galaxy promotional artwork: A Luma
Banzai Bill
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