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I am Avai. I came here because all the other games have wikis, so I figured everyone's favorite superhero plumber would have one as well. I Googled it and here I am! My colleague is away for some time, and I am taking care of his Wii until he comes back. I instantly became addicted to Super Mario Galaxy so I will be using this wiki a lot to make the most of my Mario experience.

My introduction to Super Mario happened in 1991 with the release of Super Mario World. I loved the bright colors and happy music. Unfortunately my family was poor and could not afford things with bright colors nor happy music. I played my cousin's whenever I had the chance. At school I was again reminded of my family's lack or bright colors and happy music: all my friends would play Super Mario Land on their Game Boys, but I didn't have one. I did have a huge crush on Princess Daisy, though!

During the rise of the Dot Com's, my family finally had the money for something with bright colors and happy music. I enjoyed playing Super Mario 64 in spectacular low-resolution 3D for hours on end. Mario even had a shadow, so it was easy to press the Z button at just the right moment to squash Goombas!

The Dot Com's collapsed just in time for me to not be able to afford to go to college. No matter, I took up an extra job spinning vinyl at an innercity nightclub and was able to pay my own way through. During the day, my roommates would catch me playing through Super Mario 64 over again and again. Eventually I moved on from the world of the Mushroom Kingdom to the world of Nine to Fives. Years went by without event. Then one day a colleague showed me Super Obama World and my love for bright colors and happy music was revived! Another colleague mentioned he needed someone to look after his Wii while on vacation, and I of course assured him he need not look further.

Here I am. And, here I go to play more Super Mario Galaxy... I'll be back later for tips and background information on all the characters I meet in the worlds I'm about to explore!

Ci vediamo!