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The NIWA Report: AnonymousPerson has now lived Wikipedia, Bulbapedia, Super Mario Wiki, Zelda, and WiKirby (I have found interest in Metroid Wiki)

File:Pokemontrainerartwork.JPG AnonymousPerson in Pokemon FireRed
Full name Anonymous Zelda Bulb's Master Person
Species Human
First appearance Florida (2000) (USA series)

Super Mario Bros. 2 Advance (Mario series)

Latest appearance Texas (2006) (USA series)

Mario Kart Wii (Mario series)

Affiliation(s) Pokemon, Link, Mario, and of course, my Wii
“It's a Italian with pointy ears and pink, puffle-like body that knows the move Surf!”
Anonymous Person, Texas

Anonymous Person is the main protagonist of the School series and the legendary mascot of his own house. AnonymousPerson is not a plumber, nor a sword-wielding Hylian, but rather a Pokemon Trainer named LUCAS (in Platinum). He lives in Texas, although he does go to Sinnoh a lot of times (about 200 hours completed).


Born in 2000, and in Miami. Not a lot of interesting history as a Floridan. But all that changed when he moved too...

BIG Texas

He now lives in Texas. His first Wiki was the Bulbapedia. By the way, I heart Pokemon! Then, a year later, he went into this wiki, but not as a user. Now he is a user! Yay! I think that's it, though. Oh wait! I am also a member of Wikipedia, Zelda, and WiKirby (It's wiki. About Kirby. Duh!). Well, on to...


My mom won't let me do the Personal Description. So now to traits! Kind, funny, a little impatient. That's all I can tell.

Powers and Abilities

The Power to play a video game!
The ability to have 178 (and counting) Pokemon!
The Power to talk continusly!
Da abilitie too spel werds rong!


Look at Traits.


Shirt, shorts, sandals. Done. Oh, and don't forget the underwear!


Dude. User. AnonymousZelda. The Bulb's Master. (place my real name here). Boy. Guy. LUCAS. Mario. Link. F4Fan. Funky Kong. Bowser. Mii.

Offical Profiles

Check with the police. I don't know my OFFICAL profile.

Image Gallery

Check Traits.


I LOVE HOTDOGS! I LOVE DOUGHNUTS! I beat the Elite Four in 20 shots! THE 3DS IS COMING! Hi! Hello! Dude! Sweet! It's a-me, (my name)!


Did you know I have no trivia except this one?

Other things

I am a NIWA helper. NIWA helpers help Mario, Bulbapedia, Zelda, rby, and Metroid wikis. Please help me trade a Phione for a Celebi!