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Trampoline is a real-life Olympic event in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and it is under the "Gymnastics" category, along with Vault. The player must use the trampoline to jump to the air and do various spins and somersaults.


Wii version[edit]

This event utilizes only the Wii Remote to play. The player must shake the Wii remote right as the jumper hits the trampoline. Once the Olympian reaches a certain height, the event begins. Button/Wii-mote commands appear next to the character and must be performed in order to do tricks and spins (E.g. A Button,B Button,A Button,A Button). After 10 jumps, the judges will present the character with their score.

DS version[edit]

The touch screen of the DS is used to perform in the DS version. The action of swiping the stylus upwards makes the character jump. Different directions of moving the stylus controls how the character performs in the air. Players start with ten jumps, and they can earn more by making combos. Once the event is over, the character is presented with their score from the judges.


Use the trampoline to propel yourself high into the air and perform complex spins and somersaults. Your performance is judged on how precisely you execute your moves. As you land, be sure to prepare yourself for the next set of moves with a good high jump.



Mario's fourth mission in the Wii version is Trampoline. To win it, he must perform five different moves.


Miles Tails Prower's first mission in the Wii version is Trampoline. To win it, Tails must jump 7m high.


Waluigi's third mission in the Wii version is Trampoline. To win it, he must perform seven different moves.