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Brawl Tactics

Written by FunkyK38 (talk)

What’s up, everybody? It’s Brawl Tactics, with FunkyK38! Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I had to change my plans for what I was going to do this issue. Sorry, guys. I know you would’ve liked what I was going to do, but I didn’t have enough information to do it. So, I’m going to do the article I was going to do for Christmas: Donkey Kong!

Being one of the heaviest hitters in Brawl, DK packs quite a punch and is actually pretty fast, considering his other appearances in the Smash Bros. series and in the Marioverse. His attacks, when used properly, do major damage with some added side effects that you may not be expecting.

First up: Giant Punch. This is a good move because like Samus’s laser, you can walk around with it fully charged and use it at just the right time. Try a combo of normal A-button attacks, then one of these fully charged up. On a weaker, lighter character, it’s an instant KO.

Next up: Headbutt. This is where the side effects I was talking about earlier come into play. DK’s headbutt is so forceful that it will shove you into the ground. It might be your best bet to play dead and stay there for a minute, or try to struggle and get out. If DK is being controller by someone other than the computer, he probably won’t go away and will attack again, usually with a combo hand slap. Best of luck if you get stuck in that hole- there’s not much you can do until you get out.

DK’s up Special is Spinning Kong. This move works pretty similarly to your other tornado moves, i.e. Mach Tornado, Spin Attack, etc. You can use it as a last minute thing if you’re falling off a ledge, but it’s pretty risky, because DK doesn’t go very far. When using this move on the stage, however, it’s useful when facing multiple opponents that are closing in on you. Try it on the stage, and move DK up and around, taking your enemies with you as you go along.

Hand Slap is basically DK trying to make earthquakes in the ground. When you’re playing a lighter character and DK uses this move, you’ll go flying if you’re not careful. You’ll be defenseless against DK, because he can keep slapping the ground for as long as he wants. He doesn’t turn around, though, so try using teamwork with an ally to get him from behind when he’s not looking.

Konga Beat is one of my favorite Final Smashes to use. You’ve all seen the warning on his page: This move is risky to use on side-scrolling stages. Here’s what you do to avoid that: Go up or to the side that’s scrolling and use it. Don’t get too far from the middle of the stage, though, because you want to get the other characters in it, too. Time slows down with Final Smashes, so don’t worry about him going off the side- scrolling stage. Playing stronger beats takes a little bit of getting used to. Watch DK’s hands, and press the buttons whenever he hits one of his bongos. Once you get the beat of the song, you’ll be able to do it without watching him. The crowd will clap along with the stronger beats, too. How’s that for audience participation?

All in all, Donkey Kong is a pretty good Brawler who packs quite a punch. Try him out if you need to KO some weaker opponents! That’s all for this month, Brawlers. Happy beating!