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Written by Stooben Rooben (talk)

Heyo, readers of this section. I decided to take over the Interview position since it's really easy and I want to look like I'm doing a lot...uh...I mean, because it's my job to make The 'Shroom more complete. So, shut up, sit down, and bask in the educational value of this amazing interview. ...Alright, alright; I'll stop being so arrogant.

The Target

This month, I chose to interview Super Mario Bros. (talk) -- Patroller of the Super Mario Wiki, and dedicated friend of many. SMB is 14 years old, and is among the youngest of the MarioWiki's current administrative staff. He's pretty mature for his age, but he still has a silly side that slips out at times and usually causes not only his friends, but mere acquaintances to loosen up. SMB is a wonderful user in many ways. He contributes greatly to just about any site he's a part of, has a great understanding of the rules, enforces rules well, and is an overall kind person. He's great at what he does, and I can just tell that he really enjoys every minute of it. SMB hasn't been an active member for a real long time, but he definitely has made his mark on the MarioWiki and it's affiliates. He's made a few mistakes in the past (mostly on Userpedia, though), but he's done more than enough to compensate for his wrong-doings. So, this month, I got to find out some interesting details about SMB that some of us may like to know.

The Interview

Me: Do you think I could...


Me: I've never asked anyone this before. ^^;

Me: Could I interview you for the 'Shroom? :D


SMB: I'd be happy to be interviewed. :)

Me: Cool stuff.

Me: OK, so where to start...oh, yeah.

Me: How did you find the MarioWiki?

SMB: Well, to be honest, I can't really recall. I browsed the wiki during 2007, and then I joined in 2008 (only to go inactive). If I can think of the most probable reason, I probably found the link on TMK. I might have also found a link on Wikipedia, but I'm sure it was the former.

Me: So, you used to hang out on TMK? What did you do there?

SMB: Not much. I read all of the information I could find. :P

Me: I see. So, do you enjoy finding information on the MarioWiki?

SMB: Hm... To be quite honest, I really haven't read much information lately. I've mostly been on the chat and post on the forum (which is easier to do during the school-year than editing and reading the wiki, in my opinion). But when I have searched information on the wiki, I do enjoy reading it. :)

Me: I agree. Especially about the forum part. :P So, what is it like being a Patroller?

SMB: Well, as of now, not much different from when I was a regular user (except for having access to the Staff board, and being able to block trolls and the such). Perhaps this is because at the time of my promotion(s) (when I was more active), there were troll attacks more frequently. Everything seems more relaxed now, and most of the Sysops zap the trolls for us Patrollers. :P

Me: Yeah, back then there was far more to do as an Admin. Say, which do you think is better: The wiki, the forum, or the chatroom?

SMB: To tell you the truth, I like all three of them. there really isn't much comparison between them, in my opinion. The wiki is fun for me to edit. The forum is fun for me to post in. And the chatroom is fun for me to relax in. B)

Me: That's a nice way to look at it. :)

Me: Are you excited about the MW Anniversary coming up this year?

SMB: Totally. Last year's ceremonies were very exciting for me, and I'm sure this year's won't fall short. I'm also glad to be a part of the planning staff of the Awards as well.

Me: Good to know! Branching outside of MarioWiki questions...what kind of music do you like?

SMB: Oh, I like a lot of music. Most notably, I like music by The Beatles, Queen, Michael Jackson; although I like a lot of music from other groups and individuals.

Me: Those are really great artists! Do you have any notable hobbies or activities outside the wiki that you take part in? You in the military?

Me: The CIA?

SMB: Lol. :P Um... most of my hobbies are music-related and video game-realted. The rest of my time mainly goes towards schoolwork and internet (internet being all of my internet activities combined, like MarioWiki, Userpedia, FaceBook, etc.).

Me: I see. Sounds like you've got things well prioritized. :P

SMB: ...I guess. xP

Me: You've made a lot of proposals on the MarioWiki...are there any of them that you're really proud of?

SMB: Um... Maybe one or two. More so, I'm specifically proud of my proposal that organized the Poll Selection (replacing signatures on the voting parts with [[User:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]] ([[User talk:{{{1}}}|talk]])), as that caused a huge boom of proposals about the topic. It basically indirectly helped the Admins see the many flaws in the process in general. I'm also proud of my proposal that merged the Pipe Plaza into The 'Shroom; and my proposal that suggested bringing a Monitor ranking on the wiki (

Me: Interesting. Any that you are embarrassed by?

SMB: ...Most of my other proposals. :P

Me: lol

Me: *looks up*

Me: Hm, maybe just a couple more questions.

Me: What's it like being interviewed?

SMB: Hm... It's pretty fun. :)

Me: Cool. utterly depressing is it knowing that you'll never be interviewed for The 'Shroom again?

SMB: Hm... Not very depressing. At least I had the chance to get interviewed at all. :)

Me: You're too good of a sport for your own good. :P this the last question?

SMB: Is it the last question?

SMB: I don't think it was. :P

Me: Are you sure?

Me: ...Oh wait, you're right. XP

Me: Haha, thanks for your time. :)

SMB: No problem, Stooben McRooben. :P

SMB: And thanks for interviewing me. :)

Me: You're welcome.

In Closing

Although this interview does hold some interesting facts about SMB, it doesn't even leave a dent in what this kid has to offer. For those of you who know SMB well, you know exactly what I'm talking about. But, if you don't know SMB yet, I'd recommend talking to him. You never know — you might just make a new friend.