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Special Interview

By Nerdy Guy (talk)

Hello nice reader people, I'm a retired user whose going to interview someone and make a fool of myself. I hope you enjoy. :)

  • grabs camera*

Nerdy Guy: Hey there, Mr. Luigifreak-pretending-to-be-Waluigi! Tucayo's letting me do a guest interview for the interview section of The Interview 'Shroom. Would you like to be interviewed by me?

Luigifreak: Sure! I'd be honored.

NG: Awesome. Wink First question: How did you find the wiki and stuff?

LF: Well, one boring summer day, my little brother wanted to draw something. I decided it would be cool for him to draw Mr. L, so I searched him on google images. The picture linked to the wiki, which I decided to keep track of, in case I needed more images or anything. I began to look into the community and stuff, but still didn't join. When I got Kirby Super Star Ultra, though, I found a lot of Mario references, so I decided to add them to the wiki. From there, I did more edits, got better at stuff, the average story.

NG: Cool. 2nd question: When did you start to become active?

LF: Oh gosh... Ummm... I think it was... October 23rd. Wait, that means I have been active for more than a year now!!! My first edit was on the 26th, on my userpage. I really got active early November.

NG: Congraturations on being a 1-year vet! Cheesy The userpage seems to be a lot of people's first edits. I guess great minds must think alike. I'm not one of those great minds however. Tongue Third Question: What was your first post on the forum?

LF: Thanks! And yeah, the userpage is a nice way to figure out coding and stuff. Onto the question: It was on the awards board, I had to ask something about a meeting or something. The reason I joined the forum was just for the Shroom and the Awards Committee. After that, I posted a bit on the Mario and Console Gaming boards, and took off from there.

NG: Nice. I see you wanted to help out in the community. Question 4: Your current forum nickname is Waluigi. Any peticular reason you chose him?

LF: Not really, just that the [web-comic] site "Brawl in the family" recently had a bunch of funny Waluigi comics, and I decided to annoy all the people on this forum. You can't have too much "Waluigi Time!"

NG: lolyes, I enjoy said web comic. IIRC, you also used "Waluigi Time!" as a catch-phrase in the Mindless Junk board. MST3K even used it once or twice. 5th question: What friends do you have in the wiki's community?

LF: I was freind with Dom when he was here. He was cool. On the wiki, I am freinds/aquantances with various people, mainly people I welcomed/helped out like Baby Mario Bloops and Zero778. I interact with a few of the sysops like Stooben and Edornofer (I didn't spell that correctly, huh? WRITER'S NOTE: I can't spell it right either), but I'm not really active on the wiki anymore. Kind of on hiatus. On the forums, I don't know if I have a lot of friends, but I'm on good terms with most everyone. I guess if I could pick out a few, they would be you, MST3K, and Ralphfan. I don't go on chat.

NG: I don't on chat either, mainly because I don't have a real computer. Tongue 6th Q: What country and or state do you live in?

LF: USA, California.

NG: Say hello to the celebirties for me if you go to Hollywood. Maybe steal a golf ball or something. FINAL Q: How do you feel about New Super Mario Bros. Wii?

LF: Hmmm, I'm kind of 50/50 on it. I didn't like the DS version, but I might give this one a chance if some gameplay videos interest me. We'll all see how it turns out in a future issue of the... REVIEW CORNER!!!!! (Never pass up free advertising.)

NG: I see. I enjoyed the DS version, so I'm getting NSMBWii as soon as it comes out. I hope you decide to get it, it sounds pretty epic. Though I can understand if you don't. :/ Well that's the interview, thank you for your time. :)

  • shakes hand*
  • shakes LF's hand*

That was my interview. I hope you enjoyed it. If you didn't like it, I got the job as the Sandbag in a facepunching contest held tomorrow, so don't forget to be there. ;) If you just want to talk to, yell at, or kick me into a bottomless pit, please use the forum. I'm a retired user, so I never go on the wiki anymore (ironic, isn't it?).

Credit to Luigifreak for being interviewed by me. Also credit to Girrrtacos Tucayo for being The 'Shroom director. Also, Shyguy27 for being the other guy I was going to interview before I got a response back from LF. And credit to the reader for reading.