The 'Shroom:Issue XXXI/Director's Notes

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Director's Notes

by Tucayo (talk)

Hello readers! I am your world-famous Director, Tucayo! Hope you liked the issue if you already finished reading it, if you didn’t, you’d better do it. Well, I would like to apologize for the tardiness of this notes, but my lap got a virus so I had to write them again…
Now, let’s go to the news, notes, whatever.
We have a totally new section, called Fading into Obscurity, in charge of MrYoshbert.
Shyster66 is now writing Entertainment Section.
Waluigi48 is now the writer of FTMV.
FunkyK38 & Monteyaga are now the writers of Brawl Tactics.
I have a surprise for you! For the next issues, we will have 1-2 guest writers who will write special sections, I hope you like this idea.
The ‘Shroom now has its own child board in our forums! So be sure to visit it!
And for last, from all The ‘Shroom staff, I would wish to congratulate UP’s The Disconnected for their first issues, and I wish them the best of luck.

Have a nice month!!! And eat Shrooms!