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Brawl Tactics

by FunkyK38 (talk) and Monteyaga (talk)

What's up, all you Brawlers out there? It's the new Brawl Tactics writer here, FunkyK38! Since this is my first article, don't judge it too harshly, okay?

For my first edition of Brawl Tactics, our featured character is Meta Knight!

For me, Meta Knight is my favorite character to use in Brawl, hands down. He's very fast, gets in multiple hits very quickly, and overall, is a pretty good character to use.

Okay, first move is Mach Tornado (Standard Special). This move can be executed easily and it will have a good effect on opponents. Get close to your opponent, if you can, so you can suck them in. I like to use this move near the edge of the stage, so I can knock opponents off. If you can get Meta Knight into the air, it will have an even better effect, since enemies can't escape by jumping.

Next, Drill Rush, the Side Special. This is a very good move to use because it makes up for Meta Knight not having a very large range for attacking. If you can get enemies to line up, then use the move, it will hit everyone in your path. Like Drill Rush, you can also get Meta Knight to change directions, going up, which will take care of any enemies above you. This move is also very effective for taking out the Smash Ball. If you line it up just right, you can Drill Rush the Smash Ball and then take it out with a few hits afterword.

Now for Up Special, Shuttle Loop. I have to be honest here, this move makes me very nervous to use, because if you can't land Meta Knight safely, he will fall off the stage to his death. But, if you know how to control it, it can be a very helpful move. Be careful if you are using this on a smaller stage, such as Yoshi's Island, as I mentioned above, it's risky if you don't have somewhere to land. This move is useful when trying to get at an opponent above you, as you will hit them on the way up, and if you're lucky, Meta Knight will hit again as he swoops back around.

Dimensional Cape is Down Special. This is a tricky move to use, as it's hard to predict where Meta Knight will go. When an enemy attacks, just use this move to avoid taking damage. If you get behind an enemy, just attack them from behind.

Meta Knight's final smash is Galaxia Darkness. I find that this Final Smash is very easy to use, others may not. There is no margin for error here, as Meta Knight's range is very short and if the enemy moves out of place by just a little, the attack will fail. If you can, make sure your enemy has at least 60% damage, otherwise this attack will do a measly 40% damage. Also, when you are team Brawling, be very careful, as this attack will hit your partner if they get too close. But, if you get it just right, the result is usually an instant KO.