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Hello everyone, and welcome to this Special Issue of The ‘Shroom conmemorating the 30th Issue! (Long name, BTW) Instead of Director Notes, this month we will have this “Welcome” to say some things, and to thank all of those who made this issue possible.

Well, first, I am sure this has been the most difficult Issue to make, especially in trying to get the guests :/ That’s why this month, I finished my sections barely on time :P

Well, now, on to thanking the people who made this possible: (There’s no special order)

  • 2257, for making the awesome background image we are having, Thanks.
  • Toto for making the Mario with tuxedo image on the Special Shroom Warning, thanks.
  • Time Q, for helping with coding problems, thanks.
  • NOT thanks to the guys at #spritersparadise (If I remember correctly) who kept telling me they were and underground soda company….
  • My staff teammates, Super Mario Bros., Ralphfan, Z3r0 Tw0, YellowYoshi127 and Stooby, for all their great work, thanks.
  • All of the writers, for doing greatly their job, working to give us something to relax and to get distracted, thanks.
  • To the Special Guests (Those who sent me their sections) for sharing with us their time. (Many of them were retired).
  • Wayoshi and HK, for creating The ‘Shroom, without you, we wouldn’t be here :) Thanks.
  • And specially thanks, to you, reader, who has been supporting us, because we work for you, without you, we wouldn’t be anything, Thanks.

->And about special sections, well, guests are a bit tardy, please excuse us :/

And as if that weren't enough, the evil server gave me some Database Errors :/ I hate them

And now, without more, Let’s get into the issue! I hope you enjoy it, thanks.