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Special Brawl Tactics

By McCloud (talk)

Hey. McCloud here. I'm going to teach you a few things in Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the 30th Shroom Issue.

Cruel Brawl. The most insanely impossible challenge mode EVER on a Super Smash Bros. game. Each alloy is insanely tough, strong, and jumpy. And yet, I've killed 12 alloys with Jigglypuff. Yes. Jigglypuff. This strategy can also be done with Kirby as well, but takes more skill. First, pick a character like Jigglypuff or Kirby (Jigglypuff is recommended). Then start up Cruel Brawl. Run to the left side OR right side of the Battlefield stage and jump off. Then jump back onto the ledge and KEEP HOLDING THE LEDGE. You will start to notice that the alloys will not attack you and begin jumping up and down. Jump OUTWARD and procede to puff-jump under the stage. The alloys will try to follow you, but will jump off and get KOed. Reach the other side and repeat the process. Sometimes, the alloys CAN glitch and attack you. So keep trying and you will have a ton of KOs in Cruel Brawl with Jigglypuff or Kirby.

Online is pretty tough. So you'll win once or twice within 5 matches. But here are some tactics that will hopefully bring that 2:5 ratio into a 4:5.

1 on 1: You can easily dodge the attacks with a roll and counter them from behind. It is not wise to just sit there and wait for the other player to attack. Stay on their rear. Pick your time to strike wisely. If the other player is close to you, take a chance and punch at them OR even do a non-charged smash attack. Charging your smash can be affective, but CAN give the enemy a chance to roll behind you and give a weak smash attack. And for defense players, KEEP YOUR SHIELD UP. I have seen too many players get KOed out of a game because they never used their shield on those very lucky charged smash attacks.

2 on 2: Two words: DOUBLE TEAM. Gang up on one. And as the other tries to get him out of the beatings, you'll have a guy covering your back the whole time.

Thanks for reading The Shroom and this small tactics guide. Adios. ^.^