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by YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png


SR=Stooben Rooben

YS: Would you like an interview for The 'Shroom's special issue?

SR: I'd be honored. Smiley

YS: Okay. How did you find out about the MarioWiki?

SR: I originally found the site back in late 2005, but I didn't join because I didn't know it was a site that I could actually contribute to. So, I joined in November of '07 after searching the site to see if the gold bar from PMTTYD actually served a purpose. (Don't buy it, it's just a waste of coins.)

YS: What do you consider your greatest achievement on the MarioWiki?

SR: Wow, that's a tough call. I guess I'd have to say when I completely rewrote the Super Mario Bros. Deluxe article, because it was the page I put the most effort into. ...Although, becoming a Bureaucrat is definitely something noteworthy

YS: What was your first edit, and how did you feel while making it?

SR: My first edit (back when I was Lemonface), was on the PMTTYD article. I was editing the table with all the bosses' stats, and I wound up screwing it up. I felt kinda dumb for messing it up, but Cobold came along and fixed it. At least, I think that's how it happened. I'm old, you see, so my memory is baaaaaad.

YS: Did you ever get a welcome, and if so, by whom?

SR: I got welcomed by Mr. Guy (Lario) when I joined as Lemonface. I thought he was the owner of the site, though. When I joined as Stooben Rooben, I was welcomed by Pokemon DP, one of my best friends.

YS: It has been a pleasure interviewing you, Stooben Rooben. Thanks. Smiley

SR:Whoa, that was it? You don't want to hear about how I was born in a log cabin? D: Ah well; thanks Smiley

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