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by YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png
    • Yoshario - - Hey, do you want an interview for the Shroom?
  • Shroobario - ...srsly? :O
  • Shroobario - YES!
    • Yoshario - - Alright.
    • Yoshario - - How did you find out about the MarioWiki?
  • Shroobario - You see, here in Brazil there's this Official Nintendo Magazine, called Nintendo World, and it's much like Nintendo Power. In one of the issues, they talked a little about this place, the huge Mario encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone.
    • Yoshario - - Did you ever get a welcome and if so, by whom?
  • Shroobario - Yes, I got welcomed by Xzelion, who was Great Gonzo back then.
    • Yoshario - - What do you consider your greatest achievement on the MarioWiki?
  • Shroobario - I would say uploading big part of the Brawl trophies. I broke the most images uploaded in one day record. RAP got sad mad at me, but he already beat me again.
  • Shroobario - 294 images uploaded in one day.
    • Yoshario - - What was your first edit?
  • Shroobario - My first edit was in the Toad article. All I did was get the image that was in the infobox and put it in the gallery. However, if you go to my contribuitions my first edit was in 1 January 2002, editing Uniju's talk page wishing him Happy Birthday. So, technically I have the first edit in the wiki. Gotta love glitches.
    • Yoshario - - Whoa.
    • Yoshario - - Wonder how that happened :P
  • Shroobario - I do too, it was normal for quite some time.
    • Yoshario - - Next question: is this the last question?
  • Shroobario - Man, I hate those. I don't want to get fooled. Uh... yes?
    • Yoshario - - Yes.
    • Yoshario - - Thank you for the interview. :)
  • Shroobario - The pleasure was all my

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