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Fangamer Reports

by Shy Guy Banana.gif Super Shy GuyShy Guy Banana.gif

Hello. I’m Super Shy Guy, the new Fangamer Reporter. Today will be about the fan game Mario Builder.


Here’s the link of Mario Builder.


This fan game is not an action game like most Mario fangames, this is a level creator. It is packed with enemies, bricks and blocks, items, and even Toad checkpoints! You are able to create up to 8 different games with up to 12 Worlds each. You can select BGM from a list of them or upload a saved MIDI file to use.


  • Many kinds of enemies, from Rexes to Frozen Munchers.
  • Includes moving blocks and directions to make them do stuff.
  • Select from many kinds of levels.


  • You cannot use bosses.
  • Sometimes the publishing of a game goes wrong.
  • It is hard to get in between 2 bricks/blocks with only 1 block space in between.


Music: 10/10 What with the ability to upload your own music with the various music already in the game, it is very good.

Creating Levels: 8/10 You really do have very many things to choose from, but sometimes things go a little wrong…

Testing Levels: 9/10 You can’t really say much for stuff like this, but there’s that thing where if there is only 1 space in between two blocks, its really hard to get through. In fact, you just might fall through the block BELOW you!

Playing Levels: 10/10 Once you actually start playing the game, then bugs are eliminated.

Total: 9 ½/10 This game is quite good, and it is fun to make your own stages. What I do to replace bosses is improvise with many enemies or just a really hard level.