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Entertainment Section

by Luigi 128 (talk)

Welcome to the first entertainment section this month I will tell you about a series called SUPER MARIO BROS Z


This series is about Mario (of course duh!) and Sonic they along with Luigi, Shadow and Yoshi have to fight Mecha Sonic searching the Chaos Emeralds (Well known in the Sonic Series) and is situated in the mushroom kingdom also Wario, Waluigi, E. Gadd, Bowser and many other residents of the mushroom kingdom appear.


The animation is very god I highly recommend you to see it on Newgrounds instead of You Tube however the animation and sounds are extremely god they use sprites from M&L series and some others.


The animation uses song related to Mario and sonic series almost all are original but some are edited which make its even better but as I said only some :(


Story 10/10

Animation 10/10

Graphics 9/10

Soundtrack 7/10

All 9.0


In next edition I'll be talking (technically writing) about every episode with more details