The 'Shroom:Issue XXV/FTMV

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Tips, Secrets, Hints, and Cheats for Mario's games!

'Allo. Welcome to this issue of FTMV. I'll be treating you with two cheats this month to make up for missing my issue last month!

Cheats: Yoshi's Safari (SNES) The European boxart for Yoshi's Safari.

This is a rather...simple cheat, but it's still worth covering. This is for all you Yoshi's Safari owners out there who want something more out of the game. At the level select screen, press the following button combination:

  • X
  • X
  • Y
  • B
  • A

After pressing those buttons, you will gain access to some mini-games, which is always a good treat when you want an extra feature.

Hints: Wario's Woods (SNES) WariosWoodsCover(USA).png

So, you've played Wario's Woods and you've played it and you've played it and...well, you've played it so much that your SNES buttons don't work anymore! ...That's gonna suck because I'm going to give a hint that requires your controller...yeah.... If you're really good at the game and you want a really tough challenge, I know just what you need. When you select the "Vs. COM" mode, hold left on the D-Pad and press Start. This will bring you to "Extra Challenge Mode". You will be battling against the COM, but it's a really brutal fight. So drink up some Power Punch and get to it!

I hope you enjoyed this month of From the Mushroom Vaults, kiddies!