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Fun Stuff

Guess the character

By MametchiMametchi-LoverTalk

  1. - This character makes a Mario debut in Mario Party 8.
  2. - This character can be in various colours.
  3. - The character's second Mario game appearance is in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.

The mystery character is <showhide>__HIDER__<hide>Mii!</hide></showhide>

Mind Bogglers

By Artwork of a Boo in Mario Party 8. It has subsequently been used for Super Mario 3D Land.[1] PINKBOOZOOKA WET HISUNEXISTENT PANTZ Boozooka.png

Effects of a Copy Flower from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

How many Baby Marios and Baby Luigis are there?

<showhide>__HIDER__<hide>The answer is eight.</hide></showhide>


by TucayoSig.png We'll miss you Blitz


The Answers are here!

Mystery Image

by TucayoSig.png We'll miss you more Blitz






Go here for the Answers

Hiding Koopas

by TucayoSig.png We'll miss you a lot more!

You gotta find that Koopa!


Answer: [1]


by Artwork of a Hammer Bro. from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.MCHammerBro.MC Ballyhoo and Big Top

1. What color are the buttons on Mario’s overalls?

2. How many secret stars are in Super Mario 64? In the DS version?

3. What happens when Mario enters Tick Tock Clock when the minute hand strikes 12?

4. How many Goombas are in Super Mario 64’s course Bob-omb Battle field?

5. How many Toads can be found in Peach’s castle in Super Mario 64?

6. What is Mario’s up-special attack in the Super Smash Bros. series?

7. How many/Which items from the Mario series appear in Super Smash Bros. (N64)?

8. How many courses are in Mario Kart 64?

9. How many 1-ups does Mario receive from Yoshi in the end of Super Mario 64?

10. What are the 6 default Yoshi colors in Yoshi Story?

<showhide>__HIDER__<hide>1. Yellow

2. 15, 30

3. All the clock parts stop

4. 10

5. 7

6. Super Jump Punch

7. 6 , Starman, Red shell, Green shell, Hammer, Fire Flower, Bob-omb

8. 16

9. Up until his live count equals 100.

10. Red, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink.</hide></showhide>