The 'Shroom:Issue XVIII/FTMV

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Tips, Secrets, Hints, and Cheats for Mario's games!

Secrets: Super Mario 64 DS (DS, duh) Sm64ds.jpg

A remake of a classic – and it's actually GOOD. This month, I will tell you two secrets for this game! Cheesy </overexcited> Now, in the aquarium room, (a.k.a. the Jolly Roger Bay foyer), there are two holes – one in the southwest wall, and one in the east wall. The hole in the east wall takes you to a secret level where you can achieve a Power Star. The hole in the southwest wall gives you a 1-Up; this 1-Up can be received multiple times by repeatedly exiting levels and entering the hole.

Cheats: New Super Mario Bros. (It begins with "D", and ends with "S"...) Box art of New Super Mario Bros.

While this may be a basic cheat, it's still cool. Now, if you just bought the game, you may be saying, "Where the &@#$ is Luigi?! I hate playing as Mario!" It's simple: Hold L and R when you select a file. If you hear "Luigi!" in the background, the cheat has been activated, allowing you to play as Luigi.

Tips: Mario Kart DS (What do you think?) The North American Boxart for Mario Kart DS.

Wait, how many times have I covered a Mario Kart game now? Oh, well, there's ALWAYS more cheats. Now, you're playing the Mission Mode when you finish the sixth tier... THAT'S IT?! ...No. Get at least a one-star ranking on each of the six tiers to unlock the final tier; good luck.

Hints: Guitar Hero: On Tour (PSYCH!!oneninehundred!!!!oneone!!!)

...Lame, I know...

Hints: Super Princess Peach (GC) Super Princess Peach Alternative Box Art.jpg

After beating the game, you will unlock three extra levels in each world. These levels are surprisingly difficult, but they each contain music, puzzle pieces, and mini-game levles.

Thus concludes DS Month...I hope you enjoyed it. Smiley