The 'Shroom:Issue XVII/Interview

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Glitchman: How did you find the Wiki, and when did you join?

HyperToad: I'm not exactly sure how, but I think I found a link somewhere or an image on a search engine And I think I joined in August 2007

Glitch: Did you get a welcome, and if you did by whom?

Hyper: Well, on my first account, "CrazyKong" Plumber said Hiya, and then Master Crash welcomed me on my new account

Glitch: What were your goals when you first joined here?

Hyper: Well, I originally joined just to add a little addition to the Swanky Kong article. And then I basicly lost intresed untill I found Fantendo and Userpedia, which re-sparked my interest in wikis

Glitch: Which do you prefer: Cheese or pie?

Hyper: Uh... Pie

Glitch: What made you decide to name yourself HyperToad?

Hyper: Well, I got the feeling "Gowser" sounded dumb, and I really liked Toad, and my personality is sort of hyper in Real Life. WildToad was also one of my ideas.

Glitch: What is your favorite article on the Wiki?

Hyper: Hm... tough question. I always liked the big articles like Mario or Peach, but the SSB character ones look cool with that template.

Glitch: What is your favorite section of the ‘Shroom?

Hyper: I always liked reading "Upcoming Games", and Fake News is pretty cool.

Glitch: What is your favorite comic on Userpedia?

Hyper: I obviously like my comic, MarioWiki: Clash. My other favorates are LEgends of the Fallenstar and The Shadow Chronicles.

Glitch: Last question. IS this the last question?!

Hyper: No. I don't believe it is Tongue

Glitch: You’re right! XO I have one more.

Hyper: HA! I win!

Glitch: What is your favorite video game in RL?

Hyper: I have no one favorate, but my favorates are Donkey Kong 64, Paper Mario 2, Super Smahs Bros. Brawl, and Super Mario RPG.

Glitch: Good choices Wink OK, that about wraps things up. Thanks for the interview, HyperToad!

Hyper: No problem

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