The 'Shroom:Issue XVII/FTMV

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Cheats: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (GC) North American box art for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Ah, such a great game; it deserves to be in FTMV more than once! It's easily one of my favorite games, largely because of the storyline...and I'm rambling, aren't I? SOMEONE STOP ME!!!

So, you've taken on Zess T.'s trouble, and you're looking for the recipe book she wants? Go to Creepy Steeple; when you first enter, go to the back of the steeple, (press 'Up', morons!) You'll notice a small rectangular gap in the bottom of the wall. Get all "rolly" and slip into the gap. Open the chests, (which all contain good prizes, IMO), and grab the book.

Tips: Super Paper Mario (Wii) Super Paper Mario North American cover art

Okay, I'm gonna tell you how to get a bonus Pixl: Barry. He's actually quite easy to get. Once you defeat Francis, go back to chapter 3-1, where you first met Barry. Make him come out of the bushes and talk to him. He'll be impressed that you've beaten Francis and decide to join your party. WAY TOO EASY.

Well, I hope you all have enjoyed Paper Mario Month!