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by RAP.pngRAP...

Hello, this is Ryzarlet the Wise; I just flew by to say that the Entertainment Section will return to its normal state for a while, but with fresh results for new videos to slot in from other websites that users (yes, you guys still staying in that chatroom!) don’t normally visit unlike myself in the freedom of expressing ways to call up the sky arrows. 1337Yoshi, if you’re asking for where did I get the new videos; obviously YouTube... but in this issue, I’d decided to go a bit deeper with hunting those goods—the goods that last for at least a month, yes, by issue alas. And again, some people continued to not read the Shroom, reading rates are going to drop fast when an epic fail comes into place! Here’s the gimmick of the issue, both of our roles are reversed now, that means Hooktail’s taking the games section while I have to do the videos. It’s a change that occurred a few days ago... (shudder)

(Hooktail and Ryzarlet were both in her lair, in his mansion, laying on their scaly bodies starring at each other.)
Hooky: Heh heh heh, so this week's Fouth of July yes Ryzarlet?
Ryzarlet: Yes my young female, it is another traditional holiday from the real world I believe. A time where fireworks would be our weapons of explosion and display in this starry night.
Hooky: You sound unbelievably calm... in your dragon form. Why not the ravenous you?
Ryzarlet: I'm still in that same type-- I'm just being calm.
Hooky: We'll see about that... (evilgrin)
(Hooktail knocks Ryzarlet down and ties him up with easing agile movement)
Ryzarlet: Whoa girl-- what's up with you?
Hooky: Never mind your saying fool.
Ryzarlet: So, what's the point are you doing? ;|
Hooky: You know... (blows some air revealing some smoke, and some winking towards him)
Ryzarlet: Uh-oh, oh NO! RAWR!!! (stuggles to get out)
Hooky: Just joking, (laughs) I was just torturing you... though, you seem to befriended me.... ;P
Ryzarlet: Heh, I thought it's going to be worse...
Hooky: It will later... heh heh heh... (evilgrin)

(shudder) I think she's not kidding... And oh, I seem to lost track of time after that moment we switched roles for this time. Maybe I'll ask Hooktail about this-- and that surprise, hopefully something that calmly greets me. I hope...

For those who do not know this presence, I am Ryzarlet (also known as RAP)-- controlling the Entertainment Section for your entirely pleasuring needs that may last for a month, or so I would assumed. As a dragon, I am quite a father-figure; and well, along with my young female dragon Hooktail to accompany me, to guide me, and such things to be bested with. The section consists of slotting in one of the great hits all around the internet itself. Those likely fads, they may include the Mario series as well as the other two series that withstand for over twenty years of recognition through the simplest forms back then, and into the newest ideas with the simplistic touch available for your needs as a fan of the gaming series. Unfortunately, we are limited to resources we only know about, as of now. But again, this is like X-Play; Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb... heh. Your turn Hooky...

Hooktail's Section:
A Koopa's Adventure

Koopas?! Those morsels are my type of a tasty treat for my diet!! ^_^ I'd love to gnaw on their fleshy meat and bones so Ryzarlet could take care of me by petting and rubbing my belly. and-- wha? There's some fan game about this joint? Hmph, fine, I'll give a game a chance that begs for mercy.... Grrrrr...

OK Koopa fans, which are morsels to my liking, there's a game about some Koopa Troopa, the game mentions that he's going somewhere into the very unknown, and the player has to get him to where he's going. Hmph, sounds simple enough... Despite that, there's not much of a deep storyline I would give for... unlike other great games Ryzarlet would find for his own... like SSBB, SMG, and WoW... strike that, not WoW... for now... The game's targeting mainly for the gameplay I fear, rawr... what do a green seemingly blind Koopa would do in a time a game for the main character who do?

Gameplay seems to be taken heavily from the Mario series, GRRR! But it seems it's not enough, no hitting the Brick Blocks from under their body. Their movement with that character I'd just controlled is limited, when your inside of the Koopa Shell-- you can barely jump by one square instead of the New Super Mario Bros. physics engine... and there's collision problems also, making the game frustrating to the scales. So much for the movement, it needs work, serious work. Even worse, I couldn't pass the first level, that ledge... engine... I feel like distrusting this material!! >_< Still, someone managed to beat the whole “mini-game”. Yes-- mini-game, as the author categorized.

The mini-game is created by some morsel named Hello, I'm not joking you fool. This guy seems mysterious, I'm not much of browsing around that site, but-- leave it to the fans I say, and decide for their gaming life. The game is hard, some flaws, but some managed to beat it nicely... Hooary for them(!) Still, if you want to get that game, get into this entry!

Oh! There's one more detail I forgot to mention, to Vista users, playing the game may cause disruption throughout using the keyboard and using the interface in the screen! You'd been warned, rawr...

(Hooktail is done with her part of the section, she waits for Ryzarlet to do his doing...)
Hooky: ...Ryzarlet? Where are you?
Ryzarlet: In a moment for reviewing that, video...
Hooky: Go on you dragon! ;P
Ryzarlet: Ok ok...

Ryzarlet's Section:
Lazy Mario 'Castle' Gameplay

Lazy Mario? This sounds interesting enough, note the title my dear users. This is a video that once said to made over 100,000 hits during the internet. That's a godly number, but it lacks into the million hit mark. Despite that, it proved to be very successful among fads alike. (groans as he flies by carrying that large pixel block and places it on the ground)

This is the big question for the future Mario, "Is Mario lazy now?!" Users and fans of the Mario series and the other two related series would speak a quick series of answers just to lay off the compare and conquer technique and go for the straightforward method. Experts who have a strong passion of the Mario series would use this method to think up theories about Mario itself and the world towards him. Well, it doesn't matter if he's lazy of not-- this video would prove it all! Here's a quick overview of this video you are about to witness, you see little form Mario without the Mushroom within him on the stairs, the gimmick? See for yourself well-being... hint the stairs, and those wheels attached to them...

Here's the gimmick, those mobile and bumping objects make that sprite not move by self-control at all! Mario will have to stay put, completely... There are other various objects like that Yoshi, the Ball 'n' Chains, some Koopa Shells to entirely use, moving walls, and-- er, I'm getting too much all over my scaly body. Look closely to Mario, he's just... sliding his own two feet-- like solid blocks of mouth-chilling ice on the ground, smooth and soft indeed-- with very low temperature results.

And that last part of the level, that is just it... that would be unexpected, or expected-- if you realize that this level is a castle. Watch those Conveyor Belts, Music Blocks, and trampolines do their own work for that Mario. He didn't move at all, not even once for a button for a single arrow on the D-pad-- or keyboard button. XP Poor Lemmy... some elements in life are sometimes better to be left out in the cold air in fragile mistress. The physics of the game Super Mario World, just had opened up with new possibilities that would surpass generations for making such videos of those users themselves. Though the main flaw is the broken flow of listening the sounds, incorrectly, despite that, it seems to be perfect maybe just without it. Almost.

This video is created by a user of YouTube named daigam. The user seems to came from Japan, where he actually speaks japanese as well. He is currently 37 years old, with such activity with other things that mean to him in life. He rarely goes in YouTube since then. Despite that, he has made seven other videos that would surely pleasure with you by making a reality check for viewing those videos. That user actually used a program named Lunar Magic, the tool to hack in those levels and alter the level-- thus re-realizing the basics of the game, and maybe come up with new things to flow it well. One question remains, how did he read the english text while he is in Japan? No one knows... So well-being, if you wish to see more videos that relate to those Rube Goldberg videos and mix it with Mario, click here for watching those videos!

(Both of the dragons are finally tired, laying flat on the ground in the dark night-- seeing those explosive fireworks)
Ryzarlet: I didn't remember the last parts of-- after that incident... why did you want to switch it?
Hooky: Well... (rolls dragon eyes for a moment)
Ryzarlet: ...Yes, tell me...
Hooky: I made you do it after some roughhousing, when your tied up and it got crazy you forgot and only I did?
Ryzarlet: And what is it?
(Hooktail whispers discreetly into his ear, telling the results between each other...)
Ryzarlet: I actually forgot that part and realized it shocked me?! (faints)
Hooky: Rawr... at least I can't eat him, but it's time for both of the dragons to sleep...
Hooky: Good night Ryzarlet... (carries him to his sleeping place)
(After that, Hooktail sleeps as well back in her own lair... ignoring the last remaining fireworks)