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Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner

by Coincollector (talk)

Oh yeah, after a week where I had to do intense homework, I'm ready to come back and tell you the last tip of this year in Mario Kart:Wheel Tips Corner.

Well, it's December, the month most known because we give gifts to each other and I, your friend Coincollector, have prepared a gift for you that you'll like, and if this was real, you would go from your home to the mall to buy your gifts in no time, and even Santa Claus would like having this to do his job faster. Are all you ready? Close your eyes and... Surprise!

Bullet Bill
Look at this! It's a plane. It's a rocket. It's a cartoon-esque missile with eyes and arms. It's-a Bullet Bill!

Here it is, and yeah the gift is the Bullet Bill, one of the most amazing items you get in the, ahem... later Mario Kart games, Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Wii. Basically when you use this power-up, you and your kart become in this enemy that flies on the road at great speed. The best advantage when using a Bullet Bill is that you don't have to press any button as the Bullet automatically travels along the road. But there is another advantage, once you are a Bullet Bill you are invincible against any other item and as a dangerous missing bullet you can hit anybody in your path and see how they bowl over like pop-corn.

Well, these are the most basic facts about using a bullet bill, but maybe you want to know more about this item, right? Obviously it is possible to get this item from 5th to 8th place (up to 12th in Mario Kart Wii) although obtaining the bullet can be challenging as other speed boosters like the Mushrooms and the Star are also available.

Mario using a Bullet Bill in SNES Donut Plains 1 in Mario Kart DS
Get outta my way, my Bullet Bill is unstoppable.

I almost forgot that if you use a bullet bill, it will go automatically over the road without any help, but a it may also help you to take a shortcut that you wouldn't expect to get from an item like this. It's possible to move your bullet to the sides, if you like to trick your victim that thinks that the bullet bill always flies in the center of the road. It's just a slight turn, though, so the results will be better (and funnier) if your rivals are in a narrow road or are tightly grouped so you can knock them all in this way at once. Also, a bullet bill always goes forward; it's impossible to go in reverse.

I have another note about when you are a bullet. Once you use the item and you have stolen some places you return to normal. The duration of the bullet bill item is relative to whether you have taken a better place. In this way, it is more probable that you are a Bullet Bill for longer time if you start out in a lower place rather than a higher place. If you still don't get it, try to use a bullet bill in first place. Using a bullet in first place always lasts about four seconds, only half as long as when you use it in a place like 7th or 8th.

Are you still interested in the topic? Well I have here other curious facts about using this item, some of them made just for fun:

  • although the bullet bill appears flying over the road, it falls to the water/lava or void if you go off road.
  • Even though a bullet bill can make use of shortcuts and send you to a better place, you may also end up in another bad predicament like being hit by an obstacle or item once you get back to normal.
  • Chain Chomp shares a similar use to the Bullet Bill. But I think that's another story that I'll tell you later.

Well guys, that's all the info about your gift and I hope you've enjoyed reading the Mario Kart tips of this year, and also the tips that will come next year. The 'Shroom staff and your friend Coincollector wish you a happy holidays and a happy new year! see ya!