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Character Reviews

by Marioguy1 (talk)

Hey everyone! Guess what time it is! It’s time for Character Reviews! Now, last month I reviewed Lord Crump (and another guy but he’s not important anymore) and he got a score of 80% so we’re gonna see if this week’s character is gonna beat it!

Now, this week I was requested to review another TTYD boss by Ralphfan (talk), but he didn’t specify which boss, so I decided that I would pick a boss that I like but nobody else does: Gus!


Gus is part of the Robbo Gang – the rivals of the Pianta Syndicate – which gives him a pretty nice niche in the story. He has a brother and is led by a snail Cheesy

Anyways, he’s the only one in the gang that is actually battled and he’s a pretty basic member of a gang. I think the gang could have had more complete-gang appearances but it’s still pretty good so he gets a 75%.


Gus is designed to look like a member of a gang. He has hairs poking out of his head at the right angle, his beard looks a lot like stubble, he has a bandanna and he’s carrying a spear. I’d say he fits his bill. And, best of all, he’s not fat. 90%


His tattle is OK funny, it makes a pun off the term “don’t judge a book by its cover”...but his most prominent form of humor is when he breaks the fourth wall. He is a lot funnier than a bumbling fat guy who likes buhuhuhuh IMO (though some people think incompetence is funny). 80%


Well, like I griped about in Storyline, he could have been so much better if he had made a gang appearance, maybe even as a boss (the entire gang) but other than that, he doesn’t have much potential outside of Rogueport. 70%.

Used Potential

I’m now obsessed with that gang-boss appearance and I need it to happen. Unfortunately it won’t so I’m going to be angry and say 75%.


<GameServ>: MG1: 390/5 = 78 AND he lost to Lord Crump! I’m pretty sure he lost because he didn’t have that gang boss appearance which would have been sooo awesome. He could have even had a crystal star under his possession instead of that stupid Chapter 4 thing. Honestly? Pigs? I can’t wait until I start reviewing that chapter. Anyways, that’s all this time for Character Reviews!