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Brawl Tactics

by FunkyK38 (talk)

Greetings, Brawlers, here’s wishing you a happy Halloween full of Brawling!

This month, I will be discussing the angelic Brawler, Pit!

Pit is a medium‐sized Brawler that can glide with his wings. He is fairly fast and his attacks do a good amount of damage, but he’s a bit of a lightweight.

Palutena’s Arrow is Pit’s Standard move. Similar to Link’s Arrows, Pit will pull out his bow and take aim. You can charge this move up, but unlike Link’s Arrow, Pit will fire after a short time of being fully charged. Also unlike Link’s Arrow, Pit’s arrows fly in either a straight or curved line and do not get stuck in the ground. Your best bet is to set your aim and charge quickly for a hit on your opponent.

Angel Ring is Pit’s Side Special. This is one of my favorite moves to use, because, like a few other swordsmen, Pit will keep attacking as long as you keep hitting the button. This is a good move to use when you’ve got an opponent close to you, as you can deal massive amounts of damage if you can keep your opponent close.

Wings of Icarus is Pit’s Up Special. This move is annoying to use for a recovery move if you don’t work quickly. Once you activate this move you have to press your control pad or joy stick in the direction you want Pit to go in right after pressing B. If you want him to fly up to a stage or something, HOLD the Up button. If you don’t get the controls in in time, Pit will hover and you will not get the full altitude you may need to get back on a stage.

Mirror Shield, Down Special, is just like a Reflector – use it when you need to mirror an attack back at your opponent, but watch your back or Pit will get hurt.

Palutena’s Army is a one‐of‐a‐kind Final Smash. It can deal HUGE damage to an opponent, but the Centurions need help with the full power of the move. If you really want to KO your enemy, I recommend grabbing them right as Pit comes out of summoning the army. That will keep your opponent in place while the Centurions attack. If you can’t, your opponent may be able to dodge the attack, which is actually fairly easy.

That’s it for Brawl Tactics this month! Hope this helps you take on opponents as Pit and start dominating!