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Entertainment Section

by Killer Axe (talk)

Hello again, readers! Today we’ll be snooping around the classic game Super Mario Bros. Only this time, there will be more old school Nintendo characters joining the party. For this issue, we’ll review Super Mario Crossover, a grand little game created by Jay Pavlina.

This game is basically the same as Super Mario Bros, only with a couple more character choices. The playable characters include Mario, Link, Ryu, Samus, Mega Man, and Simon Belmont. Each character has their own unique set of skills. For example, Mario is the only character that can run, and only Ryu can jump off of walls. The creator made sure that each character had different assets. And I have to say, using Bill to gun down all of the enemies is fairly satisfying.

While making the list of characters diverse, Jay also made sure that there is a nice list of Options right on the Main Menu, which I have not seen on a flash game in a while. I was extremely happy to see that menu there, so I could listen to whatever I wanted while playing. The soundtrack and scoring system have not changed, either, which both make me happy.

However, this game still has a few minor flaws. Sometimes Ryu’s wall jump gets you stuck on the walls if they are close enough together, and Mega Man’s slide tackle wasn’t the easiest to control, and when I played, I usually ended up jumping while trying to perform the slide tackle. And unfortunately, Some weapons cannot even hit the enemies due to the difference in size of the sprites. Despite some control issues with a few characters, the game is definitely playable, and I recommend giving the game a go.

There really isn’t much more than this to the game. Original Super Mario Bros, new characters. The game can be found almost anywhere. You just have to search it on Google and pick where to play.