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Special Interview

by Tucayo (talk)

Hello readers. Seeing as this is the 5th Anniversary of the Super Mario Wiki’s creation, I thought I should make this interview something special, so I decided to interview none other than Steve, the creator of the wiki himself!

Hello Steve. First of all, thanks for letting me interview you, this is a honor.
No problem!

Normally users get asked how they found the wiki, but it would make no sense to ask you that, so, how did you come up with the idea of creating the SMW?
Well, I was working with a site called GamerFocus, and we wanted to create a network of video game wikis. GamerFocus was owned by AgentSeethroo, who founded Halopedia. I decided to create a wiki for the network and went with Mario, since there was no Mario wiki at the time.

The wiki has lived 5 years, and 5 years that have positioned it among the best videogaming wikis in the internet. Where would you like to see the wiki in 5 years?
Well, it is a wiki. I hope the articles continue to get better and better and we gain more recognition from fans.

What do you like the most about the wiki?
The community is great, and The 'Shroom is a testament to that. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to help put out an issue each month.

Tell us something about yourself. Which is your favorite Mario game?
Super Mario 64. Probably mostly due to nostalgia at this point.

And character?
I think I have to go with Wario. I always choose him for Mario Kart, so that must mean something.

Away from Mario, any other series you like?
Pokemon, Gears of War. That's a rather stark contrast but so be it.

Do you have any hobbies?
There's working on the wiki and playing video games. Sometimes I wakeboard.

This is out of mere curiosity... Your Wiki Sig encourages getting Firefox, why is that? I got it thanks to you, BTW :⁠P
That's basically to encourage people away from using Internet Explorer, which historically has not been a great browser. It's gotten better, though. I prefer Firefox, but Chrome is cool too.

Where does your nick, porplemontage, come from?
Well, it comes from the name of my first website, The website was named porplemontage because I used to make bad Flash cartoons and that was the name of my first one.

And what about what we know as icon_porple.gif, the smiley? Did you create that character?
Yes. I call him Porple and he was in the aforementioned bad Flash cartoon. His current design is up on and you can get a glimpse of his original design on my wiki userpage.

An obligatory question... Is this the last question?
No, this is? I'll let you have the last word.

Thanks a lot for letting me interview you.

So that was the interview for this issue. I hope you liked it, and found it interesting. Tucayo signing out.