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Fading Into Obscurity

by Marioguy1 (talk)

Hello there! Marioguy1 here and this is Fading into Obscurity! This week I’m continuing the theme of disappearing Mario Party characters with a section on the two amazing hosts of Mario Party 6, Brighton and Twila.

Mario Party 6 promotional artwork: Brighton

Brighton and his counterpart, Twila, represent the Sun and the Moon and act as co‐hosts of ‘’Mario Party 6’’ as well as the main instigators of the storyline. Brighton and Twila are the two hosts of many parties in Party World and they love to “whoop it up”. Then, one day, Brighton asks Twila which of them is more impressive. Twila retorts by saying she is better which Brighton responds to saying he is cooler (which is ironic considering he represents the sun). Eventually they get into a big fight and Mario and co. decide to find Stars and settle the feud. They travel around several boards and finally fill up the Star Bank. Then Brighton and Twila fly in with their legs attached and thank Mario and co., promising to protect Party World forever more.

Mario Party 6 promotional artwork: Twila

Aside from instigating the storyline, Twila and her counterpart, Brighton, co‐host the game as well. They appear explaining all the modes and on every board there are two phases; night and day. Twila hosts the night phase where several secret things happen like new paths opening that would not be available during the day. Meanwhile Brighton hosts the day phase, closing Twila’s paths and opening his own. Both Twila and Brighton are excellent characters with much potential but they are disappearing rapidly or, in other words, fading into obscurity.