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Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner

by Coincollector (talk)

Welcome again to Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner. This is your father Coincollector. Let’s begin with the Mario Kart tip of the month. Looking a bit back to older games, do you still remember Mario Kart: Double Dash!!? Because I have a small but essential tip that you might not have noticed in this game. In the Dry Dry Desert course you’ll find a large quicksand pit in the middle of the road, and at the bottom of the pit awaits a humongous piranha plant to eat any poor racers that have been pulled down by the sand. If you’re the one that was pulled into the pit to be the snack for the plant, don’t panic: Hold the R button (or L) to drift around and get out of the quicksand.

Wario picks up coins as easily as hogs pick truffles!

Also, let me announce the next tournament from the Mario Kart Channel this month. This tournament will require collecting 50 coins in a section of Coconut Mall as quickly as possible. There will be no vehicle restrictions. Are you ready? Because I’m not yet…

On a side note, we had an interesting last month since Nintendo announced the hotly‐anticipated Nintendo 3DS during E3 2010. They also showed off plenty of new games for the handheld, and sure enough, one of them is a new Mario Kart game that we know almost nothing about. They released some screenshots and a (very) short video, from which I can tell that it looks like Mario Kart DS with Wii graphics and it seems it will make use of the 3D capabilities of the handheld. Let’s hope Nintendo will tell the release date and release new info about the game soon.

That’s all for Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner. Remember to look at both sides of the road before crossing (or else a Shell will hit you). See ya!