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by Stooben Rooben (talk)

Welcome to this month's interview, folks! I'd like to apologize for not doing an interview last month — I was having a lot of computer problems, which is why I couldn't get it done. I'd also like to announce that this will be my last interview for The 'Shroom. I had fun while it lasted, but I just don't think I have the time to put in all the effort I'd like to for this section.

The Target

This month, I decided to interview one of the wiki's own Sysops — Edofenrir (talk). Edofenrir is a very friendly member from Germany who joined the wiki roughly a year ago. Within that year, he's made quite an impact on the wiki, as well as its affiliates. Besides being an extremely helpful Sysop, Edo is a member of the Awards Committee, a writer for The 'Shroom, and Patroller of Userpedia (and considering how much trouble he was given on that site a while ago, I think it's pretty admirable that he's one of the few people trying to keep that site alive). Edo is also really well-known for his superb artistic abilities (just look at some of his image uploads on Userpedia if you're wondering what I'm talking about).

The Interview

Me: So, Edo, can you tell me how you found the MarioWiki?
Edofenrir: That was the fault of YouTube, actually.
Edofenrir: I've watched a few videos containing Weegee there, and searched the internet for information about that fad.
Edofenrir: Somehow I ended up in the Mariowiki, where "Weegee" redirected me to "Mario is Missing!"
Edofenrir: Yeah, and that is pretty much how I found the place.
Edofenrir: Pretty strange. oô
Me: Indeed.
Me: Have you ever played "Mario is Missing!"?
Edofenrir: Not really, but I played "Mario's Time Machine" instead.
Me: And what did you think of that game?
Edofenrir: Truly amazing gameplay. If you like having your brain grinded to dust, this is your kind of game.
Edofenrir: You cannot just press a history book into a game cartridge and call it and educational title.
Me: Sounds like the kind of game to play on long weekends.
Edofenrir: Yes.
Edofenrir: It is really an outstanding title.
Me: I'll have to recommend to some...uh...friends, then.
Me: So, I've heard that "Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door" is your favorite game. Why do you like it so much?
Edofenrir: Well, I'm sort of a die-hard fan of traditional jRPGs. I also grew up with playing Mario games like Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario 64. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is a game that combines these two factors. That's probably one of the main reasons.
Edofenrir: I also like the characters and atmosphere very much.
Edofenrir: It's the perfect Mario RPG for me.
Me: I think it's the perfect Mario RPG for everyone. It's just that some people refuse to accept it, haha.
Edofenrir: Olol.
Me: Let's see...
Me: What was your first reaction when you were promoted to Patroller on the wiki?
Edofenrir: Uhm... I think it was along the lines of "WTF!?!?"
Edofenrir: And then I questioned the admins' sanity.
Edofenrir: I think the image on Userpedia describes my reaction pretty well.
Me: Oh yeah. I remember popping out of your computer screen and scaring you. That was fun.
Edofenrir: You meanie!
Me: That's me!
Me: Now, could you tell me what your reaction was when you were promoted to Sysop?
Edofenrir: Well, it was less unexpected than my first promotion, since this time I could see the events leading to it. Since it misses the shock value from the first time, I cannot remember my reaction to it that clearly anymore...
Me: I understand.
Me: At least you remember being promoted. :P
Me: One thing you're really well-known for is your ability to draw very well.
Me: How did you learn how to draw so well?
Edofenrir: Experience, mainly.
Edofenrir: I'm drawing since I was a little child.
Edofenrir: Oh, and I love art.
Me: So, you didn't take any classes? You learned it all on your own?
Edofenrir: No, I never took any art classes.
Edofenrir: Most people were impressed by this, most notably a good friend of me, who has died young, and to whom everything I draw is dedicated.
Edofenrir: Art was his life, and so I made art my life as well.
Me: That's very admirable of you.
Me: I'm actually pretty touched by that.
Edofenrir: Well, he was the only one who ever truly believed in my art.
Edofenrir: Art is not all about drawing skills, though.
Edofenrir: The most important thing when being an artist is passion.
Me: I'm sure your friend would be very proud of your actions. : )
Edofenrir: I don't know for sure.
Edofenrir: Maybe.
Me: Let's see here... Ah, this is a question I ask everyone I interview:
Me: What type of music do you like?
Edofenrir: There is a userbox on the wiki that says something like "This user is addicted to video game music".
Edofenrir: That userbox actually suits me pretty well.
Edofenrir: Apart from that, I listen to everything I like, regardless of genre.
Edofenrir: My favourite singer is Meat Loaf.
Edofenrir: ...Yeah, that's that.
Me: Meat Loaf is one of my favorite musicians too. Plus, video game music is always good. Therefore, you have a good taste in music.
Edofenrir: : )
Me: What kind of hobbies do you have?
Edofenrir: Well, I draw a lot, but we already spoke about that.
Me: Well, I've heard that you like making games with RPG Maker. Would you care to talk about that?
Edofenrir: Hm... that's not entirely true... I did that a lot in the past, along with spriting and stuff, and I am a RM2k veteran with about five years of experience, but I hardly produce anything with the maker nowadays.
Edofenrir: I think I don't have the patience anymore...
Me: I barely have the patience to deal with RPG Maker XP myself, so I completely understand.
Me: Back on the subject of the wiki... What would you consider your greatest accomplishment on the wiki?
Edofenrir: Uhhh....
Edofenrir: My surprisingly low quote of killing sprees. :)
Me: Lol.
Me: And now for the last question:
Me: Is this the last question?
Edofenrir: That solely depends on my answer, I presume.
Edofenrir: So I gotta say:
Edofenrir: Maybe?
Me: Wrong.
Me: The correct answer is, ‘Yes.’
Edofenrir: Well, I have another thing to say.
Me: Oh no.
Edofenrir: Oh yeah.
Me: ...Wait, was that what you wanted to say?
Edofenrir: No, but I've got you now, Stooben. "Wait, was that what you wanted to say?" is another question, nyeh heh heh. 8)
Me: ...Even though this is still on the record...

After being burned so horribly be Edofenrir, he decided to give me a cookie. Isn’t that just so nice?
Edofenrir: Ok, that's it for this month's interview for the Shroom. I am NOT your host, Stooben Rooben.
Edofenrir: Good night, people.

In Closing

Edofenrir is one of my closest friends. A lot of people don't really seem to get his personality, but I think that's just because they haven't spent enough time around him. If you talk to Edofenrir on a respectable level (by this, I mean, "have friendly conversations with him; don't spam his query, forum inbox, or wiki talk page with nonsensical bull"), you'd probably realize what a swell guy he is. ...And yes, I do realize that it sounds like I'm just sugarcoating things, but I'm honestly not. You don't have to believe me if you don't want to, but maybe you should actually get to know Edo before you pass judgment on him.

It's been a pleasure writing this section, guys. I hope you all enjoyed this interview! — Stooben Rooben 19:33, 14 July 2010 (UTC)