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by Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG

Glitchman: How long have you been a member of the Wiki, and how did you join?

ChaosNinji: Hmmm...Well, I joined sometime in the start of September, though I’m not quite sure of the date, and I was originally only a member on the forums. I joined after searching for a forum based on video games that wasn’t complete crap (i.e. Gamespot).* Anyway, I then joined the Wiki.

Glitch: What was the first article you wrote, if any??

Ninji: Well, I’m not exactly the most active on the Wiki...^^; So, I’ve yet to start an article.

Glitch: What was your first impression of the Mariowiki?

Ninji: Well, compared to the other Wikis, this is the best I’ve seen besides Wikipedia. Sophisticated, it is, compared to the other Wikis.

Glitch: When you came here who were your role models?

Ninji: Well, I’m not quite sure I had a role model. In fact, I can honestly say I didn’t.

Glitch: Other than wikis what else do you do?

Ninji: In real life? Play Video Games, Soccer, hang out with friends. My life’s not that interesting.

Glitch: Which is your favorite smiley: Tongue or Cheesy

Ninji: Cheesy.

Glitch: What is your favorite part of the ‘Shroom?

Ninji: Fake News.

Glitch: What was your first edit?

Ninji: Main edit?

Glitch: Yes or any edit, actually

Ninji: My page, then, I believe. I could be wrong. I have to leave now. Any closing questions?

Glitch: Last question...are you glad this interview is over?!?

Ninji: At the moment, yes. o.o

Glitch: OK, thanks for the interview, ChaosNinji!!