The 'Shroom:Issue XIII/Director's Notes

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Director's Notes

by Blitzwing (talk · gnome work)

Hi there.

Unfortunately, both Pokemon DP (talk) and Xpike (talk) retired from the Shroom, for various reasons. If anyone is interresed in running the Upcoming Games, please go on the sign-up page.

This month features a lot of new writters, P. Trainer (talk) host an interresing sections about Beta Elements (I-e: Various things that were supposed to appears in a game, but got cut for various reasons) and what could have been their effects on the game. Fly Guy 2 (talk) hosts the Trivia section, which list various obscures facts about the Mario series. MegaMario9910 (talk) has replaced Xpike as the writter of the quiz. Storm Yoshi (talk) has quit the Riddle section and now host a poll called "What's hot and What's not", which is about various things in the Marioverse.

The Fakes News will be released on Monday.

Have a nice day.
Blitzwing (talk)