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by RAP.pngRAP...

This is sir RAP-ius called by one of my friends Wayoshi, and yes guys it's official! I'm officially a crat! A bureaucrat that is! Well it was sad that Xzelion left this wiki, because of interests of sports. ._. Maybe he was tired about this large wiki of us anyway and kinda became grumpy, and was replaced by me and Cobold, funny thing that I'm the youngest crat so it's possible that he had too much things going on in his life I dunno... And oh! I heard he mentioned that he will momentarily return the wiki just for a visit, but most likely won't take his position back. Anyway, Hooktail's glad I'm a crat and wait. . . It's time for... The 'Shroom! How could I miss that? Hooktail, you know what to do. *Hooktail grabs RAP and places him into his nice looking chair in a room of his 'Shroom reviews* Thanks Hooky!

This is the entertainment section, and I'm RAP! You know me alright; by my friends... this is the section where you take a nice coffee break (not really! XD) and play one of those games I reviewed for your entertainment pleasure, . Like after school... or during midnight... or you know what I meant! Once again, this is Hooktail. Yes, apparently we appeared closest friends in my mansion. *sigh* That demon, used to terrorize Petalburg, one of the places in the kingdom I used to live in called Rougeport. Yes, it used to be like medieval stuff... I was royal and blah blah blah... Until something more powerful ruined me and my family's chances to live in peace. Today, we live in like well normal beings; although my dragon loves to devour her prey. Anyway, two games in a train are comin' right up! *goes* Oh wait, I'm in this room where I talk about the games. *sits in his medieval chair*

Super Mario Kart Racers

Ah, one of the rarely few racing games we all love from racing to courses and to *gasp* items!! The gimmick is items, items, ITEMS! It's the part of the game where you get to throw stuff, like a pencil... *smug* Yeah, a pencil. *snickers* This one of the racing games made by fans once again in MFGG. It's Super Mario Kart Racers! Fans, I know what you're thinking by the name, "Hmm, man another dumb Mario Kart game that can barely work. Sheesh! Try something else!" You, you are so wrong!

This Mario Kart fan game exceptionally touches our gaming hands being used on controllers that is. The areas like the courses are from Super Mario Kart, but there's a major twist in this game! This racing-action-war-fast pacing-pack comes in more characters, the packed retro mixed of the original Super Mario Kart, battle arenas for players to foe and foe on, and the most important thing in core it had happened... Items, items, items!!! This game brings the old items back into this fan game along with some new items. There are items such as Roto Disc, which can protect you and also knock a driver if near to one, the Eclipse, similar to the Blooper... But! The player can only see himself from the whole surroundings as pitched dark, and the POW Block, which stuns the drivers if used, I wonder if the drivers can hop their karts to avoid this lost cause.

The interface strictly sets in a 2D race course instead of 3D which can be a bit of a pain not having the 3D common elements in the game's core. The driver's controls are rather limited also, because of the 4 way directional keys instead of the analog stick we all love with the exception of Mario Kart DS, it sure can be frustrating for some of us. And yet worse, some of the NPC racers lack racing properly. Let's just say I'll let Hooktail ruin the track... Yet, it's a full game.

This game is created by... supermariokartracers? I am not joke king! This is possibly the worst nickname, or the best. IMO, feels untouched unless you put "Team" in like "Toodles Team". Yeah, that's it. If you want some expanding kick-off fun with the simple rules of Mario Kart racing, drive there if you are under 18.

Heh heh heh, that game was fun. ^_^ And I see your playing it with your own claws Hooktail. Wait, playing with it? I wonder how she managed to play that game, oh well... Next game!

Super Mario Galaxy 2D Demo

Hmmmmm, say, what's the catch about this 2D game? It's nothing serious like a fun game, the latest game Super Mario Galaxy *record screeches* Wait! In a 2D game?! Sounds like a catch? But this is a demo folks! So maybe there are two catches, maybe? I dunno? Which one? Which where? Well apparently there's a possibility. I mean, just look at this! A 2D game inspired from the latest game, in a demo version! OK, this is getting too long! *Hooktail agrees by blowing fire minorly to Ryan's tail* Yep, moving ON!!!!!! *a short moment later Ryan and Hooktail are just hanging out together in Ryan's room* Very funny Hooktail. Sneaky you, *mutters himself* "Just like me I bet, apart from her tricks she used 3 years ago. But this one's for me to be targeted..." Continuing,

Super Mario Galaxy 2D Demo is a 2D game inspired from the latest game that would blow our platforming minds Super Mario Galaxy. This game packs in some innovation touch with ideas from SMG, such as the Bee suit that Mario wants to be in! That er, slingshot you can use when you get on and sling off with your mouse! And yes, the Star cursor is also you're lucky controller to play with in some kind. And halt! In some obvious cases this is a demo, so it means that this is not the final version and meaning that not all the elements from the other game are imported here in 2D mode. There are still things to do at this time, finding out the composed game. From secrets, to moves, to platforming with Mario.

Here are three stars to collect in the demo; all have to do with the same in the calmest place, Honeybee Galaxy. One is Goomba's Revenge I think, it's where you have to find the location of the Star, simple yes? Find out yourself. And there's also Purple Coins! The fun of collecting those 100 coins of them, almost like my dragon hoarding her own treasure. And that Pipe Maze level, pretty much self explanatory. The game is missing some features from the other game, but this is a demo! Play while this game provides you the gameplay! The game's controls can be a little off but you‘ll eventually live with it.

This game is created by... "pablo1517, he sounds like a clone I should devour, or a user." Hooktail mentioned and smiles. Heh heh heh thank you, yes that's him. I heard he was a good level editor, maybe he can work with Nintendo eh? He's another member in "MFGG!" Hooktail mentioned. Hmmmmm, did you read my script or found it out in that website? I bet all the users in there are going to be terrified anyway. I like watching when you devour, ^_^. So, if you want some 2D platforming based off Super Mario Galaxy, click "Here! Hooky got it!" Hooktail mentioned quickly. Hey!

"Say, you're telling me about something Hooktail... Do you want to be in part of my section?" Ryan questioned, starring at her head.
"Maybe... what's the catch?" Hooktail looks around,
"Ah, want to hang with me more often? OK, I'll try giving you a part of my section, for some reason it only takes games from MFGG for now." Ryan mentioned, thinking of his own relationship with her.
"Thanks." Hooktail smiled, "Come on you little Koopaling, let's see the stars, it is midnight you know. And midnight's the time I can go do my things after a while." Hooktail suggested, she formed a smug towards him to put some charm towards him.
Hooktail and Ryan arrived at the mansion's roof with Hooktail's support, supposedly the roof is castle like anyway since his mansion resembles as a castle. They lay down their own bodies onto the floor and stares at the stars relaxed for a while, enjoying relationship together.