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Director's Notes (Yoshi876 (talk))

Happy New Year 'Shroom readers! I'm subsitute leader for this month.

Hope you enjoy this section, and if you want to write for any section within Palette Swap, please don't be shy and sign up.

Let's make 2015 the year of art! ~Yoshi876

What's on The Box? (Yoshi876 (talk))

Final European box art for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Happy New Year 'Shroom readers! This month I chose the European boxart for the cuddly new game to hit Wii U, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. On the boxart you can see Captain Toad doing various things such as: waving, climbing a ladder, falling down stairs, riding a minecart, carrying the Super Pickax, throwing a turnip and being chased by Draggadon whilst carrying a Super Gem. The boxart also features various coin stacks, a Shy Guy, some Para-Biddybuds, a Power Star, Wingo and Toadette. The interesting thing about Toadette is that like Captain Toad she is a playable character, and able to perform all the actions that he is capable of and yet she only appears once on the boxart whereas the Captain appears seven times. They both get a fairly equal amount of playtime together, so why she’s been sidelined is a bit of a mystery. Another mystery is why if Wingo is the final boss, why is Captain Toad not facing him? He’s instead facing Draggadon who later becomes an ally in the game.

Ongoing Fan Projects (Yoshi876 (talk))

User Thread Description
Count Olaf Wikiball (Read OP plz) A thread where users creates Wikiball comics. This thread is based on the Polandball comics.
Snowzomi Mistletoujou Stargazing’s Art A thread where Stargazing shows off some art that she has drawn. Recent updates have included a doodle.
Puddink Almond Factory A user sprite comic being made by Puddink.
Yuusuke Makishima The ‘Lily attempts to art’ thread A thread where Yuusuke Makishima shows off some art she has drawn. It has recently been updated with drawings of anime characters.
Patchouli Knowledge Chibiki Daisy’s Attempts at Drawing A thread where Patchouli Knowledge shows off some drawings they have done.
Genji “Excuse me, I may have just arted” A thread where Genji draws things. Recent updates have included possible Skyrim spoilers.
Stanley the Troll Fawfulthegreat64’s Creations (Updated!) A thread where Stanley the Troll shows off creations he has made. Recent updates include some Paper Mario characters, as well as characters from his childhood shows.
Steven Stone NEXandGBX Adventures A comic series being drawn by Steven Stone. Recent panels have included Steven eating a lemon.
Leafeon Smg2daisy’s Gallery A thread where Leafeon shows off some drawings she’s done. Recent updates have included a drawing of her and Cirdec, as well as a tribute following the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Issue XCIV
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