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Closing Statement

by Superchao (talk) & Turboo (talk)

Sub-Director's Notes


Putting best cinderella girl here to celebrate my last set of notes. Have a good year, and good luck to SMB, Edo and the rest of the staff; I'm sure they'll do a great job running the 'Shroom

- Turboo (talk)

Closing Statement

Hello, 'Shroom readers!

That's gonna be the last time you hear that from me. End of an era, after all. But hey, even with me gone, I'm sure the 'Shroom'll go on to bigger and better things. Thanks for reading and supporting the 'Shroom during my 2014 director term, and make sure you give all your support to SMB as he carries the paper through this year!

-No-Longer-Shroom-Director Superchao

Issue XCIV
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