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Beyond 120 Stars

by Megadardery (talk)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Beyond 120 Stars! Megadardery is here with mind-blowing challenges and more for his favorite game.

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Ever thought that Super Mario 64 was too easy, or something? Ever thought that you don't want to play the same missions over, and over? Ever thought that you were too good for this game, but still don't know what else can you do? In this -overly useless- article, you will find -overly useless- challenges that you may enjoy, if you are a hard-core lover of SM64. You may also find some shortcuts that can be useful in speed-runs, or whatever. If you think you are an advanced player, try one of the challenges that is labeled as Very Hard! that this lousy introduction is thrown with Bowser far far away, let's get to the castle along with what you expect to see. :)

Without further ado, let's-a-go.


Easy : Enter Tall, Tall Mountain, climb the whole mountain. From the top, jump down to where you start the course (the rocky part). Do not hit anything while "Skydiving". Yeah! It's fun! Once you get it right, why don't you try to do it without getting hurt? Trust me, it's harder that way!

What a view!

Medium : Could be a popular challenge, but I don't care. Make it to the top of Princess Peach's Secret Slide exit area. Yeah, that gray brick roof. I'm evil. The area there is rather very big, It could be a good hockey course, considering it is already slippery.

Is falling from this height enough to kill you in real life?

Hard : Alright, time to do some difficult routes! Make it to the Bob-omb Buddy in Wet-Dry World with the water level at the minimum. It's impossible right? WRONG! it's rather easy once you figure it out. If that wasn't enough, don't even touch any water. Yeah, don't touch water even at the shallow level. Take your time, make your route. Do it!

AHHH, I'm going so fast! I can't see where I'm going!

Various! : What? where is the very hard challenge? Well, here is a challenge that can be considered easy, medium, hard, intense or even impossible depending on what you want to do. Basically, in Bowser in the Dark World, grab the Metal Cap and leg-it as far as possible before it runs out. Do everything you want, just make it the farthest. Here is the difficulties: Easy-> Make it to the first Amp. Medium-> Make it to the last crystal after the Amps. Hard-> Make it to the brown platform with the red coin and the amp. Intense!-> Make it to the See-Saw platform! I have broken the intense difficulty with some training, and a secret trick. However the cap ended while I was in air, so I just left the control stick and found myself barely standing on the platform. Try it!

Alright, now go turn on your N64 (or Virtual Console, you get my point..), and go try those challenges. Try hard, don't give up easily..

Spoilers!: Tips
Easy Beyond120StarsNov5.png You will either need trial and error, or you will need to find the angle first. Anyway, from this angle, long jump.. It's THAT easy! If you want to do it without getting hurt, then you will need to Triple jump as far as you can do, then work your way to avoid hitting the platform midway, near the end, just dive.
Medium Beyond120StarsNov6.png Do the speedrun strat, slide facing the camera. If you can't do it, just jump over the slide with your back (so you are facing the camera) and ground pound while in air. Once you are sliding, stay close to the left wall, once the wall ends, move to the right side, so you will hit the edge, immediately jump. If performed correctly, you will jump over the edge of the other side of the slide. Now guide yourself to the roof. There is probably an easier way, but that's the only way that ever worked for me, lol.
Hard Beyond120StarsNov7.png After entering the painting at the lowest level, wait for the Skeeter to skate away, and then it will skate back, now long jump over it to be able to go to the Elevator ground area. If you are the type of person who hates waiting, then do the following: You may notice that the water naturally fluctuates, adjust yourself so you can long jump from the edge of the wooden platform to the elevator area, and long jump so the water is at the minimum when you reach the area. Once you are there, you can either jump to the area with the Blue Coin Block, and then use Heave Hoes to go to the top of the level. Or you can Triple jump to the white slope near you and continue upwards. Anyway, now go to the top of the town to the floating stone cylinder. Triple jump to go over it, and from there long jump to finally reach the beloved Bob-omb Buddy. When over the cylinder, don't step on the slope parts, they are very slippery and you will fall to the very bottom.
Various Beyond120StarsNov8.png The trick I spoke of is to hit the Metal Cap box and let the cap slide away, and before it starts to flash, start long jumping and hit the cap in the way to wear it. Other that that, I don't think I can help you, just Long Jump and dive a lot, and at the first slope, Triple jump it (to climb it) and hit the small edge, wall-kick off that edge to the rotating elevator, and continue diving/long jumping as fast as possible. If you are working to break intense difficulty, then there is no room for error, if you miss at any point, even for a fraction of a second, you may as well try all over again.
Featured Shortcut
The first shortcut.

In this section, I will introduce you to a shortcut, difficulty can range.. however it can help you if you are a speed-runner. Also, note that I'm not using Backward Long Jumping, or any major sequence breaking glitches.

The second shortcut.

This time, we are paying a visit to Whomp's Fortress, there is heck amounts of shortcuts in this level. Here is an easy one, you can get the Shoot Into the Wild Blue star without the cannon by two ways. The faster being to side-flip and wall kick to the star from the area with the Blue Coins block, and the second being to go over it, you can use the warp. Once you are there you can jump down and kick and adjust yourself to enter the um... wild blue? Anyway, now use the pole to go down and grab your star.

WAT? you aren't satisfied?! Ok, here is another one. If you are climbing to the top of the course, you can go near the Piranha Plant by the Thowmps, side-flip and wall-kick from there, and dive.. You will go onto the isles, no long jump to the top of the level.

WAAAT??? you are still not satisfied?!! Well, I don't care. There is a finite number of shortcuts and there is (possibly) an infinite number of upcoming issues. So I will leave the rest for later.

That's all for this issue's Beyond 120 Stars folks, see you next time!

Issue XCII
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