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Awards Director Address

by Hypnotoad (talk)

Heya ‘Shroom readers, Mariowiki visitors, guests, whoever else! On behalf of Smasher (talk) and myself (talk), I thank those who voted and supported our campaign for Co-Directors of the Awards Committee, along with our Sub-Director, Superchao (talk). While no one ran against us, I do appreciate the people who encouraged me to take up the position and have already offered their support!

To re-iterate our plans of mostly maintaining and tweaking the system Turb and Superchao have set up the last two years:

  • A topic on the forum for suggestions has proven to be very useful so it will definitely be utilized again and continued.
  • While the time slot and schedule for ceremonies worked well last year, we will continue to take suggestions and adjust it to what best fits the community.
  • We plan on keeping the awards at 65 this year, maintaining a balance between necessary and relevant awards with the amount of work and manpower that comes with setting up and presenting each.
  • Meetings will be scheduled on alternating days to avoid conflicting meeting and release dates of The ‘Shroom, as well as other potential factors.

Some changes that we intend to make and talk over with the AC this year:

  • Presentation quality control guidelines will be fleshed out more, including ideas on the relevancy of the presentation to the respective award, and midway checkpoints throughout the summer.
  • UP and ‘Shroom polls will be moved back to the main poll page to help numbers, or another alternative to be discussed at AC meetings.
  • Working to better the quality of Awards tournaments and their hosts.

While the general community can influence the awards through a Suggestion Box topic on the forum, a more effective and hands-on way to participate would be to join the Awards Committee. In anticipation of the upcoming awards season, anyone who’s interested please send Anton (me) (talk) (Forum profile), Smasher (talk) (Forum profile), and/or Superchao (talk) (Forum profile) a PM showing us that you can meet this simple list of requirements:

  • An account on the wiki and forum, with access to chat being recommended.
  • Have the ability to participate, whether by attending the weekly meetings or commenting on the forum in the Awards board.
  • Not have any bans or some sort of negative reputation.

There may also eventually be other special positions, which along with applications will be discussed and decided upon by the core Awards staff and eventually other AC members.

Keep an eye out in the next few months for plans to start forming. We look forward to working with everyone this upcoming year and continuing the trend of making the awards bigger and better!

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