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Opening Statement

by Superchao (talk)

Greetings, 'Shroom readers! For once, I have multiple bits of news.

-First of all, after over two solid years as Pipe Plaza director, Paper Yoshi (talk) is leaving his position. His Co-Director, Yoshi876 (talk), will become the full Pipe Plaza Director from here on out.
-And in an odd mirror to the above, GBAToad (talk) has stepped down as co-Spotlight Manager, leaving Yoshi876 fully in charge of that as well. An unprecedented scenario, to be sure.

I'd like to thank both Paper Yoshi and GBAToad for all their 'Shroom work, and wish them the very best from here on out. Thanks for all you did, guys.

Additionally, the Awards Director Election is this month, and we have a Feedback Survey. Go ahead and check them out, along with our various awards special sections! Also, you may notice our Sub-Teams have gained new banners. All credit for those goes to Hypnotoad (talk), who made them for the Favorite Team award this year. As part of the Awards Issue, the banners made for the awards are now our new banners.

Issue XC
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