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by Superchao (talk)

Superchao: Hello, 'Shroom readers! After yet another temporary gap, I am back with another interview!
Superchao: And our guest today is one Super-Yoshi/TheFreshPrince!
Super-Yoshi: Hi im tfp and this is an interview.
Super-Yoshi: Dude idk if I can do this
Superchao: Well, we'll just have to try, won't we?
Super-Yoshi: Good joke
Superchao: Thanks man
Super-Yoshi: Np
Superchao: Anyhow, to get started with the actual questions. How'd you find the wiki?
Super-Yoshi: You know how back in the good ol days youd search up the internet for like faqs n shit like that
Super-Yoshi: And people be printin like pages of cheats
Superchao: Yup, I did that all the time.
Superchao: Lemme guess, that got you to here?
Super-Yoshi: Haha yea, so I was searching up some stuff for Yoshi: Touch & Go, found an article on Mariowiki, it barely had shit in it, but I kept a bookmark cause I thought this would be a site where it was like IGN or Gamespot
Super-Yoshi: So I didn't really care for it later, but I think after a while I was searching up some Super Mario Galaxy things, I couldn't really find stuff for it so I was going through my big ass list of gaming help sites cause I couldnt find those damn Green Stars
Super-Yoshi: And thats how it happened
Super-Yoshi: I think I found something wrong and I fixed it and a whole notha world opened up
Super-Yoshi: And here I am now
Superchao: That sounds... shockingly similiar to how most of the people here find the wiki.
Super-Yoshi: Butterscotch surprise
Superchao: god dammit frank
Superchao: Anyhow, anyone you made friends with early on?
Superchao: I know you and Jorge were pals for a while
Super-Yoshi: Yea we still are, I remember the wars going on between Unmario and whatnot haha
Super-Yoshi: 25% belonged to him, 75% to you
Super-Yoshi: Some shit like that
Super-Yoshi: Good times
Superchao: Oh god I remember that too
Superchao: And now I haven't checked UnMario in months
Super-Yoshi: Loool
Super-Yoshi: But yea, I came on irc a few days after I signed up
Superchao: I think the place is still slightly alive under new management
Super-Yoshi: I think Jorge was the one who got me in irc
Super-Yoshi: Oh really
Super-Yoshi: Last I heard shit was dead man
Superchao: Yeah, but I just leave it alone
Super-Yoshi: Yea who needs Unmario when you got the bros right here 8)
Superchao: bros for life
Super-Yoshi: u know it
Superchao: You and Jorge made comics together all the time, right?
Superchao: What got you interested in that?
Super-Yoshi: It was a fad back then
Super-Yoshi: Everyone would start comics and then cancel them like 3 issues in
Super-Yoshi: So I joined the bandwagon
Super-Yoshi: I made a comic myself, I still have it
Superchao: I think like
Superchao: 2% of comics ever finished
Superchao: probably because most of the comics didn't have a set outline lol
Super-Yoshi: yeep lol
Super-Yoshi: I could upload the comic again if you wanted to see it
Super-Yoshi: It's really shitty lol
Superchao: It probably is, no offense
Super-Yoshi: I cancelled it like 2 days after I started it cause I was like man
Super-Yoshi: This shit is too much work
Super-Yoshi: Pff Im not offended lol
Superchao: I think that covered why 90% of the comics died
Super-Yoshi: Everyone made a shit comic
Super-Yoshi: Yea haha
Superchao: The other 9% were people who didn't have time
Super-Yoshi: 1337 ;_;
Superchao: Man that guy's been gone for years
Superchao: it's always the ones who don't say they'll be leaving tht you gotta watch out for
Super-Yoshi: *obligitory fatass comment here*
Super-Yoshi: Yea man
Super-Yoshi: Rip
Super-Yoshi: He was a good friend too back in the day
Super-Yoshi: Surprisingly me and Wayoshi got along too
Super-Yoshi: I don't know what happened
Super-Yoshi: I think I made friends with everyone
Superchao: Alas, I don't think I had much - Wayoshi
Superchao: didn't he hate you
Super-Yoshi: Oh I remember me and you hated each other back then or something lol
Super-Yoshi: Cause of the Jorge stuff
Super-Yoshi: I just sided with Jorge
Super-Yoshi: He didn't hate me
Superchao: Yeah that was dumb
Super-Yoshi: We actually got along
Super-Yoshi: We played Mario Kart and Brawl
Superchao: Brawl ;_;7
Super-Yoshi: We even netplayed snes and stuff like that
Super-Yoshi: ;_;7
Superchao: Man, maybe I should get a Wii U for netplay. Eventually.
Superchao: Not much good without Smash yet though :V
Super-Yoshi: Dude
Super-Yoshi: Oh shit man I was gonna be like
Super-Yoshi: That has netplay emulators?
Super-Yoshi: Yea Smash is def gonna be killen the game
Superchao: Not that I know of, sadly
Superchao: Gonna miss one of my mains though
Superchao: Snake why
Super-Yoshi: and ics, wolf, lucas ;_;7
Super-Yoshi: Bich made sakurai
Superchao: he remains immortal through gamer despair
Super-Yoshi: yes
Super-Yoshi: b-but
Super-Yoshi: #ibelieve
Super-Yoshi: #sugipro
Superchao: #accelerate
Super-Yoshi: #evade4ever
Superchao: Oh, back to wiki history
Super-Yoshi: Right lol
Superchao: You are retired Wiki staff. When were you wiki staff at all, again?
Super-Yoshi: Omg you dont even remember ;_;
Super-Yoshi: Lol dw I dont either
Super-Yoshi: It was like
Super-Yoshi: a year after I joined? I became good pals with my boy Stooben
Superchao: who isn't good pals with their boy stooben
Superchao: losers
Superchao: that's who
Super-Yoshi: ikr
Superchao: So... how did that make you staff? Was it just "this guy is a chill bro let's promote him"?
Super-Yoshi: right
Super-Yoshi: Im not gonna lie, pretty much lol
Super-Yoshi: If you ever get to see the sysop promotion thread, read how I got promoted
Super-Yoshi: But yea pretty much that in a nutshell lol
Superchao: Man, I shoulda stuck around on the wiki longer. Apparently it woulda been easy
Super-Yoshi: Hahah
Superchao: >implying I will ever be wiki staff
Super-Yoshi: I did do some hard work tho
Super-Yoshi: I took a buncha pictures for games, created featured lists, made a buncha shit
Super-Yoshi: I dunno
Super-Yoshi: I worked with RAP alot too
Superchao: More than I ever did!
Super-Yoshi: Hahahah
Superchao: ...How well did that work out?
Super-Yoshi: He was a chill guy back then
Super-Yoshi: Well...
Super-Yoshi: You know
Super-Yoshi: He did teach me things like compressing pngs and stuff
Super-Yoshi: And I think hes the one that got me promoted to chat op lol
Superchao: You were chat op?
Super-Yoshi: Yep
Super-Yoshi: Wayyy back in the day
Super-Yoshi: I got demoted for being Jorges friend
Super-Yoshi: lol
Superchao: that sounds like
Superchao: the worst demotion reason lol
Super-Yoshi: That was porple's reason atleast
Super-Yoshi: Hahah
Super-Yoshi: Yea
Superchao: oh wait it was porple's reason shit
Super-Yoshi: Too late now I bet hes reading this
Super-Yoshi: Getting the ips ready
Superchao: you've doomed me, tfp
Superchao: HOW COULD YOU
Super-Yoshi: Im probably gonna be gone too
Super-Yoshi: IM SORRY MAN
Superchao: And then the 'Shroom died, the end
Superchao: But until we actually end up dead for blasphemy, wanna continue?
Super-Yoshi: Okey
Superchao: And that brings you to... well... today!
Super-Yoshi: Yep lol
Superchao: Anything you wanna tell the readers about relevant to now?
Super-Yoshi: What do you mean
Superchao: Well, what's your current life on the wiki like? Friends, things you like to do, that kind of thing.
Super-Yoshi: I retired from all that wiki work and I pretty much just go on irc or the forums now
Super-Yoshi: I don't think I have any enemies
Super-Yoshi: I hope I don't
Super-Yoshi: Everyones a good friend I'd say
Superchao: well we could tell from retired wiki staff lol
Super-Yoshi: lol
Super-Yoshi: good point
Super-Yoshi: I dont think my wiki page is updated though
Super-Yoshi: I should check that one of these days
Superchao: My wiki page is updatedly approximately once per year
Superchao: You're not alone, bro
Super-Yoshi: Lol thats better than me
Super-Yoshi: Its been like 5 years since I last updated mien
Super-Yoshi: maybe less
Super-Yoshi: ie nate
Super-Yoshi: or xp
Superchao: good thing they don't read the interviews i don't think lol
Super-Yoshi: lol
Super-Yoshi: its w/e
Superchao: So let's ask about not wiki stuff for a change
Superchao: Liiiike
Superchao: Video gameeees!
Super-Yoshi: Aw yis
Superchao: So: Since this is the MarioWiki, I am semi-obligated to ask.
Superchao: What are your favorite Murphy games?
Super-Yoshi: Who dat
Super-Yoshi: Like Super Murphy
Superchao: Don't you remember TTYD bro
Superchao: And that guy in Petalburg
Super-Yoshi: Oh yea
Super-Yoshi: Koopa Koot
Super-Yoshi: Thats my boy
Superchao: I think that was PM1? I forget which old Koopa was which lol
Super-Yoshi: Shet
Super-Yoshi: Umm
Superchao: TO THE WIKI!
Superchao: Okay, old guy from PM2 was Kroop
Super-Yoshi: Thats my boy too
Super-Yoshi: He had those leaves in his backyard man
Super-Yoshi: Koopa tea leaves or w/e
Superchao: Are all old Koopas your boy
Super-Yoshi: Yea
Super-Yoshi: Bowser's my boy too
Super-Yoshi: He always got the hook ups in mario party
Superchao: Even if it's always better to see your opponents land on his spaces
Super-Yoshi: Of course
Super-Yoshi: Id whip out the bowser phone every time
Super-Yoshi: Call up my home boy
Super-Yoshi: "Yo homes to hell-air"
Super-Yoshi: That was a thing
Superchao: Man I never got the Bowser Mushroom in Party 4
Superchao: Too bad I missed Party 3 :<
Super-Yoshi: rip :<
Super-Yoshi: Oh yea the question lol
Super-Yoshi: I think my all time favourite is Super Mario World
Super-Yoshi: I love the Paper Marios
Super-Yoshi: Well except sticker shit
Superchao: Bro we KNOW how much you love the Paper Marios
Super-Yoshi: I dunno what everyone else loves I probably love as well
Superchao: You wrote four sections about that lol
Super-Yoshi: Lol
Super-Yoshi: Good times
Super-Yoshi: M&L series soon
Superchao: four more years
Super-Yoshi: You know it
Superchao: I look forward to them in the next few special issues!
Superchao: At the very least we gotta have freshness in Issue C
Superchao: it just won't be the big one without fresh
Super-Yoshi: Thanks :>
Super-Yoshi: I got ya covered
Superchao: Anyhow we know about Sticker Star
Superchao: Any other Mario games you hate
Super-Yoshi: I don't think so
Super-Yoshi: Just the classic ones
Superchao: damn bro
Superchao: oh, whatcha got against SMB?
Super-Yoshi: that everyone hates I mean
Super-Yoshi: ie: mario teaches typing
Super-Yoshi: Do you like that game
Super-Yoshi: SMB is the shit
Super-Yoshi: Dude
Super-Yoshi: You cant hate SMB
Superchao: oh ok lol
Super-Yoshi: lol cmon man i wouldnt even be here if i hated the classic mario games
Superchao: well we've got people who don't like modern mario
Superchao: and they're here
Super-Yoshi: ban them
Super-Yoshi: oh nvm
Super-Yoshi: lol
Super-Yoshi: nsmb2 was kinda stale
Super-Yoshi: thats the only complaint i think i have
Super-Yoshi: everythign else is good
Superchao: yeah nsmb seems a lil played out
Super-Yoshi: I played that one new modded nsmb
Super-Yoshi: for wii
Super-Yoshi: Newer SMB
Superchao: How was it?
Super-Yoshi: It's pretty great
Superchao: Glad to hear it
Super-Yoshi: You should try it if you haven't already
Super-Yoshi: They even got the hammer suit from SMB3
Superchao: I got no NSMB lol
Super-Yoshi: Now how ballin is that
Superchao: NSMBW that is
Super-Yoshi: Welp
Superchao: Anyhow, we might as well chat about nonMario vidyas
Super-Yoshi: Sure
Superchao: What's your favorite of thoses? Besides OJ
Super-Yoshi: As you probably personally know I really like playing 100% OJ
Super-Yoshi: Pff
Super-Yoshi: Perch pls
Super-Yoshi: I really like the touhou series as well even though im shit at them
Super-Yoshi: The fighting games are realy fun
Super-Yoshi: I did start Dota 2 this year as well but im slowly getting bored of it
Superchao: What makes you like 100% OJ
Superchao: I must ask for the future of the MarioWiki race
Super-Yoshi: Suguri
Super-Yoshi: Shes the best
Super-Yoshi: If you ever play 100% OJ
Super-Yoshi: Support Sugism
Super-Yoshi: And never play Fernet
Superchao: This interview is over.
Superchao: Get out.
Super-Yoshi: Thanks for the interview
Super-Yoshi: Please worship Sugism
Super-Yoshi: And burn all Fernet prophecies
Super-Yoshi: :v
Superchao: Aw, shit, I just realized I don't have my space quota full
Superchao: Okay, we'll continue, but to the readers at home
Superchao: Make sure you remember all he says is lies and bullshit when it comes to OJ characters
Super-Yoshi: Pls go
Superchao does not go
Super-Yoshi: Im taking away your priveleges as a director
Super-Yoshi pushes Perch out the door
Super-Yoshi: Im going to interview myself now
Superchao knocks TFP out, ties him to a chair
Superchao: None will ever claim my spot
Super-Yoshi: pls no im crying
Superchao: too bad :I
Superchao: So. What makes you like Touhou?
Superchao: I mean I could go on about why I like Touhou but this isn't interviewing me :V
Super-Yoshi: If im ever a shroom director ill be sure to interview you and ask you that lol
Super-Yoshi: What makes me like touhou is probably the vast array of characters
Super-Yoshi: I mean I dont even know them all lol
Superchao: I don't know if anyone does
Super-Yoshi: They all have their quirky traits
Superchao: I don't think even ZUN does
Super-Yoshi: He just keeps puttin them out
Super-Yoshi: My favourites are probably Marisa & Tenshi
Super-Yoshi: I dont know theres too many
Super-Yoshi: I cant pick favourites
Super-Yoshi: I love them all
Super-Yoshi: Yuyuko
Super-Yoshi: There was a touhou fad back then
Superchao: Not much of one, sadly
Superchao: More people here need to Touhou
Super-Yoshi: Yes
Super-Yoshi: If youre reading this interview go play touhou
Super-Yoshi: and orange juice
Superchao: make sure you play fernet tho
Super-Yoshi: make sure you make her lose too and play sugi after
Superchao: make sure you always have sugi defend
Super-Yoshi: *gasp*
Super-Yoshi: excuse me sir
Super-Yoshi: EXCUSE ME
Superchao: I don't think I have gone too far. But enough of that. Any video games, non-Mario, that you can think of that you dislike?
Super-Yoshi: I guess im not really into horror games?
Super-Yoshi: Things such as devil may cry, resident evil, silent hill, etc.
Superchao: That's pretty understandable, those really depend on your preference
Superchao: Like more than others
Super-Yoshi: Yea
Thats about it, I play pretty much everything else
Super-Yoshi: From puzzle to rpg
Super-Yoshi: whatever
Superchao: What about puzzle rpg? :V
Super-Yoshi: Do those exist lol
Superchao: Probably somewhere!
Super-Yoshi: Well
Super-Yoshi: I just found one kinda
Super-Yoshi: 99 Spirits
Super-Yoshi: (a game i own too!)
Super-Yoshi: I forgot about that game lol
Superchao: Good job :V
Super-Yoshi: V:
Superchao: so uh
Superchao: Besides video games, and internet
Superchao: What else d'ya like to do?
Super-Yoshi: I like to sell drugs
Super-Yoshi: soon
Superchao: the fresh weed
Super-Yoshi: yes
Super-Yoshi: ill hook you up
Superchao: he's got the freshest in town bro
Super-Yoshi: name a whole city after fresh
Super-Yoshi: Really though, theres not much else lol
Super-Yoshi: I do occasionally go out and stuff but this whole pharmacy bulshet has limited my free time in places
Superchao: Pharmacy bullshit? Elaborate, for those who do not know you
Super-Yoshi: Like you know, if im at home, I can study/do hw whenever I want and play games too
Super-Yoshi: But if im outside, I dont have textbooks n stuff
Super-Yoshi: Yea im studying at university to become a pharmacist
Super-Yoshi: But god its awful I hate it
Super-Yoshi: The studying part
Super-Yoshi: The job is actually really chill
Super-Yoshi: All you do is count pills and sit on a chair and do shit
Super-Yoshi: Youll probably see me here at like 24 or something and ill still be on irc and counting pills lol
Superchao: PILLS HERE
Superchao: but man i feel you
Super-Yoshi: l4d3 soon
Superchao: I'm aiming for an accountant so I'll be counting beans while you count pills
Superchao: but first I gotta get through a pile of classes
Super-Yoshi: I hate college :<
Superchao: It's not as bad as high school in some ways at least
Superchao: Lot more time outside of classes
Super-Yoshi: Thats true
Super-Yoshi: I feel you guys who gotta wake up at like 7
Super-Yoshi: go to school, come home at 4
Super-Yoshi: Thats fucken bullshit
Superchao: At least it's not 5:30
Superchao: when you wake up that is
Super-Yoshi: Oh man do you have to do that lol
Super-Yoshi: Thats rough
Superchao: I had to back in high school
Super-Yoshi: Omg
Super-Yoshi: Tell me the story
Superchao: Long commute plus morning prep
Super-Yoshi: Oic
Superchao: These days the earliest I ever have to get up is like 7:30
Superchao: Which is still early but much more reasonable
Super-Yoshi: Hey thats not bad
Superchao: ...Wait, we should be talking about you!
Super-Yoshi: Yea
Super-Yoshi: Right
Super-Yoshi: I get up around 8
Superchao: That's pretty good
Super-Yoshi: Sometimes I dont go to classes cause theyre recorded online lol
Super-Yoshi: Im mr. lazy
Super-Yoshi: Im more of a night person
Superchao: I'm curious, actually
Superchao: What made you decide pharmacy was the career for you?
Super-Yoshi: My moms actually one lol
Super-Yoshi: I went with her to work on this job day thing we have in high school one time
Super-Yoshi: Literally fucken the easiest thing
Super-Yoshi: You could hire someone off the street and theyd probably know howe 2
Super-Yoshi: I fucked it the time I went though man
Superchao: Well that's one way to decide! :V
Super-Yoshi: Yea
Super-Yoshi: but yo man get a load of this
Superchao: You're actually Eggman!?
Super-Yoshi: I was playing with the pill machine and I put in some mixed pills in it
Super-Yoshi: I dont know man it looked like fun to use it
Super-Yoshi: This was like 2008 lol
Super-Yoshi: I dont know who got that prescription
Super-Yoshi: Cause i forgot to tell my mom about waht i did
Superchao: Oh lawdy
Superchao: Don't tell me you killed a guy
Super-Yoshi: never forgot ;_;7
Super-Yoshi: I hope not
Super-Yoshi: and yes im eggman
Superchao: oh god
Superchao hits TFP eight times
Super-Yoshi: dies
Superchao: rip
Super-Yoshi: rip
Superchao: well
Superchao: I think that I will now ask the question
Superchao: The one question that's always present, that everyone is always asked
Superchao: Can YOU see why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch
Super-Yoshi: The trix rabbit rigged that shit man
Super-Yoshi: Do you know why he cant have his own cereal
Super-Yoshi: He moved on
Super-Yoshi: He went to cinnamon toast and helped them get their shit together
Superchao: That explains so much
Super-Yoshi: but when he came back these fucken punk ass kids thought it was cool shit to steal my home boy trix rabbit's own cereal from him
Superchao: See this is what happens when you deny your mascot cereal
Superchao: Look at Lucky
Super-Yoshi: There was a fresh prince episode on that man
Superchao: He already had it
Superchao: He never left
Super-Yoshi: Yea man he got high off those charms
Super-Yoshi: He aint comin back
Super-Yoshi: Check this shit lol
Superchao: The way that Uncle Phil and Will just look at each other makes it lol
Superchao: Anyhow, time for the other question I need to ask
Superchao: How did you get so fresh
Super-Yoshi: Yea lol that was a good episode
Super-Yoshi: How did I get so fresh? Shit man, I dunno lol
Super-Yoshi: I got bored of Super-Yoshi
Super-Yoshi: It was a throwaway name?
Super-Yoshi: I duno I just came up with it on the spot lol
Superchao: hahaha i know whatcha mean
Super-Yoshi: Yep
Super-Yoshi: So I just said to myself "man, i need a new name"
Super-Yoshi: And thus tfp was born
Super-Yoshi: and still is born
Superchao: the freshest choice ever
Super-Yoshi: yep yep
Superchao: And now, for the other other question
Super-Yoshi: youve gone through a cycle of names too eh
Superchao: True, but mine went back to the start
Superchao: Superchao to TGBB to Superchao
Superchao: Is this the last question?
Super-Yoshi: I dunno
Super-Yoshi: Is it
Super-Yoshi: Yea
Super-Yoshi: Thats a bunch
Superchao: Yup, looks like it is!
Superchao: Thanks for being here.
Super-Yoshi: aw
Super-Yoshi: You too

Issue XC
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